Main Suspect Behind ‘Telegram Nth Room’ to be Revealed Publicly

It was announced by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on March 22nd KST, that the main suspect of the man behind the username ‘Baksa’ in the ‘Telegram Nth Room’ scandal will be publicly revealed on Tuesday, March 24th.

‘Baksa’ was arrested on March 19th for operating the controversial chatroom involving the sex trafficking of underage girls, numerous violent crimes committed over 70 different women, and selling videos containing these crimes to over 260,000 men.

Since reports of his crimes and his arrest came about, many have been demanding the identities of all ‘nth room’ users be revealed as well. Even celebrities, such as Jung Rye Won, Don Spike, Jo Kwon, Ravi, 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol, and more have been going on their personal socials to support the revealing of the identities of all criminals involved in the case. As of 3PM PST on March 22nd, the petition has amassed over 2 million signatures.

Police are now also working to trace the identity behind the username ‘God God’, who is believed to be the original creator of the chatroom.

You can also help by signing the petition here!



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