Nam Tae Hyun Introduces His New Song ‘To my Friends’

Nam Tae Hyun, vocalist of the band South Club, talked about the group’s new song “To my Friends.”

Credit: The South

Nam talked about his new song “To my Friends,” in which he participated in composing, writing and arranging, on a video posted on South Club’s official SNS channels.

He began by saying, “I will introduce this song as a letter to my loved ones. Even when I made the song, I worked with hopes of touching my friends with the lyrics.”

He then talked about the production process by adding, “This is the first song that I myself personally participated in every process including arrangements, so I’m attached to it. In fact, depending on the audience, it can be a family or a companion animal. I think you will connect even more with the song if you listen to it as you think of your cherished ones.”

He also mentioned about the changed musical color of the band. “If you look at our previous songs like ‘90,’ ‘20,’ and ‘Contact Information,’ you can see that they are mostly based on blues and rock sounds,” Nam said. But if you listen to our recent two songs, ‘Twice’ and ‘To my Friends,’ we tried to use a lot of hip-hop rhythms.”

He finished by saying, “If you’re listening to our ‘To my Friends’ now, I hope it will give you the opportunity to say hello to the people around you. We will become a great band with great music. Please show us a lot of your support.”

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