Kim Jong Kook Gets Proposed to by a Middle School Student in the Middle of ‘I Can See Your Voice: Season 7’

Singer Kim Jong Kook received a tearful proposal from a middle school student, who appeared in I Can See Your Voice: Season 7.

Credit: Mnet

In the recent episode of Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice: Season 7, which aired on March 20, Shin Seung Hoon, the “king of ballad,” appeared as a special guest.

In the episode, a middle school student appeared. She was either a skilled singer who “came to see Shin Seung Hoon” or a tone-deaf middle school student who “came to see Kim Jong Kook.”

As she was revealed as a tone-deaf girl who is a huge fan of Kim Jong Kook, she surprised everyone as she started to cry as soon as she faced him in person after finishing her performance. Soon, she proposed to him, saying “Please wait for me,” creating a funny situation.

Meanwhile, I Can See Your Voice is a music show in which ordinary people appear and the special guest, usually singers, have to decide who is a skilled singer and who is a tone-deaf person just by looking at their appearances.

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