A Video with Song Joong Ki and His Fellow Actors of ‘Bogota’ Has Been Uploaded

Attention is being paid to the recent whereabouts of actor Song Joong Ki.

Recently, a video of Song having a good time with his team of Bogota was uploaded to an online community. In the released video, the Bogota team appears to be enjoying the game in a friendly atmosphere. In particular, the actor’s delightful face attracts the attention.

Credit: Online Community

As Colombian actor Juana del Rio, who also stars in the movie, takes part in the game, Song draws attention of the team by cheering and laughing.

Credit: Online Community

Meanwhile, Bogota, starring Song Joong Ki and Lee Hee Joon, is a crime thriller about the young people who immigrated to Colombia in the 1990s, set in Bogota, a high plateau of the Andes Mountain. Recently, they have paused the filming due to the spread of COVID-19 and will returning to Korea.

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