New Character Stills of ‘The Golden Holiday’ Have Been Unveiled

Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.

First character still photos of The Golden Holiday, a new film starring Kwak Do Won as a leading role, were dropped on March 19.

_스틸컷(1)_쇼박스 제공
Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.
_스틸컷(2)_쇼박스 제공
Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.

The Golden Holiday is a crime comedy film about a police detective in a rural town who suddenly gets involved in the global crime in his first-ever trip abroad. Kwak Do Won, who’s portrayed serious characters throughout his filmography, is trying his first comedy acting through the role of Byung Soo (the main character) and raising the public expectation for his transformation.

_스틸컷(3)_쇼박스 제공
Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.
_스틸컷(4)_쇼박스 제공
Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.
_스틸컷(5)_쇼박스 제공
Credit: SHOWBOX Corp.

Kim Dae Myung, one of the supporting actors in the movie, plays the role of Man Chul, a Korean travel guide in the Philippines who unexpectedly becomes Byung Soo’s partner for the crime investigation. The two other actors, Kim Hee Won and Kim Sang Ho, respectively play Patrick, a ruthless killer working for a local criminal gang, and Yong Bae, Byung Soo’s enemy-like old friend who’s been jailed in the Filipino prison.

It’s said that around 80 percent of the The Golden Holiday was filmed on location in the Philippines to enhance the reality of local crime investigation with a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the natural landscapes, the tourist spots, the downtown areas in Manila, the casinos, etc. The Golden Holiday is set to be released in the first half of this year.

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