Goo Hara’s Brother Goo Ho Petitions for ‘Goo Hara Act’

On March 18th, late idol Goo Hara’s brother Goo Ho In petitioned for the ‘Goo Hara Act’ by standing in front of reports at a law office in Seocho-gu, Seoul to make his statement on his sister’s inheritance. The same day, his lawyer Noh Jong Uhn stated that they would move forward with a petition to legislate the act.

Lawyer Noh stated that the legislative petition was created to the National Assembly to enact the ‘Goo Hara Act’ on the 18th. He said that the petition was sent in, because the result for the current legal system (if a child dies before the parent due to an accident the child’s inheritance is given to the parent who abandoned the child), does not line up with universal justice and humanity in the sense that the inheritance would be going to parents who failed to fulfill their duty to raise their child. The ‘Goo Hara Act’ will help revise the bill on the inheritance law.

This all began when Hara’s brother first revealed that although their mother had been absent from their lives since Hara was the age of 9 years old, she was still demanding 50% of Hara’s assets. All things aside, we really hope the best for this case and give a huge round of applause to Hara’s brother for being a great sibling.



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