Character Posters of Netflix Original Series ‘Extracurricular’ Have Been Unveiled

Character posters for the Netflix original series Extracurricular have been unveiled.

On March 19, Netflix announced that Human Class will be released on April 29. At the same time, they released the first character poster. Extracurricular is the story of high school students who choose an irreversible path of crime to make money and end up in the middle of uncontrollable danger.

Credit: Netflix

Director Kim Jin Min, known for his works, including Lawless Attorney, Time Between Dog and Wolf and Marriage Contract, and a rookie writer Jin Han Sae have come together to create a strong and intense story.

From A-Teen to SKY Castle to Itaewon Class, actor Kim Dong Hee will present a surprise transformation to Ji Soo, model student who stepped into the life of crime. Jung Da Bin will show a new face by playing the role of Min Hee, a bully who gets caught up in Ji Soo’s crimes.

Newcomer Park Joo Hyun and Nam Yoon Soo, who appeared in various web dramas, will also take part to enliven the drama.

The released character poster instantly catches the eye of the viewers with its black and white images of the four.

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