Kim Moo Yeol & Yoon Seung Ah Boasts of Their Love Calling Each Other by ‘Variable’

The actor couple Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah have expressed love for each other by calling the other side by a unique nickname, “variable.”

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Credit: JTBC

It started with the latest episode of JTBC’s variety show Knowing Bros, which aired on March 14. Kim Moo Yeol appeared in the program with his counterpart Song Ji Hyo as the guests to promote their new thriller film Intruder. In this episode, Kim told the cast how he had mistakenly revealed his relationship with Yoon Seung Ah through his Twitter account when they had been secretly dating.

He explained that he had deleted his direct messages on Twitter right after sending them to Yoon, but then someone capturing those images had shared them with others throughout the Internet. One of Kim’s messages released at that time said, “I’m so incomplete, awkward and anxious about tomorrow because I’ve met a variable called as you [Yoon Seung Ah].”

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Meanwhile, on the next day (March 15), Yoon Seung Ah posted a couple shot on her Instagram in response to her husband’s old confession. The caption shared with the photo said, “I’m laughing out loud even today because I’ve also met a variable called as Yeol Moo (Kim Moo Yeol’s nickname).” In the picture, this lovely couple are striking an affectionate pose for the camera. Wish both of them be happy together now and forever!

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