‘365: Repeat the Year’ Unveils the Special Posters of Lee Jun Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Ji Soo

365: Repeat the Year released the special posters of Lee Jun Hyuk, Nam Jin Hyun and Kim Ji Soo.

365: Repeat the Year (hereinafter referred as 365) captures the attention by revealing special posters of actors, featuring overwhelming atmosphere. 365 is a drama about a mystery survival game of those who dream of a perfect life and return to their lives a year ago, but ends up getting caught in more unknown fates. Based on the interesting subject of “Reset Life,” the drama will present breathtaking suspense, thrill and entertainment in one cue.

Recently, 365 unveiled special posters that shows the characters of Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Ji Soo. The intense charisma of the three actors who will fall into the whirlpool of fate after resetting their lives, captures the attention.

First of all, Lee, who plays the role of detective Ji Sang Joo, shows the character’s responsibility and firm determination to reset his life after losing a close colleague.

Then, Nam who is taking on the character of Shin Ga Hyun, a famous webtoon writer, raises the expectations with her charismatic look.

On the other hand, Kim, who plays the role of Lee Shin, a psychiatrist and a host of the “reset game,” presents a relaxing atmosphere.

Meanwhile, 365 will premiere at 8:55 p.m. on March 23 KST.

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