‘Are You in Love?’ Sets Its Release Date and Unleashes a Special Poster for White Day

The distributor of Are You in Love?, the fantasy-like romance film starring Kim So Eun and Sung Hoon, recently released a special poster for the movie to celebrate White Day (March 14). It also confirmed the film’s premiere date as March 25 through the new poster.

있습니까_화이트데이 스페셜 포스터_블루필름웍스 제공
Credit: Blue Film Works

The special poster of Are You in Love? shows a lovely chemistry between the two lead actors on the backdrop of the café kitchen, which has a warm atmosphere. With Kim So Eun’s shy smile and Sung Hoon’s tender glances, the sweet desserts and other pretty props such as a vase of flowers around the couple maximize a mood for love. Furthermore, a copy saying “this is where the love you’ve dreamed comes true (literally translated)” gives us a notice of the romantic fantasy in the movie.

As it was said earlier, Are You in Love? is being released on the 25th of this month. Don’t miss it if you’d love to watch the latest romance film!

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