Jennie of BLACKPINK “I’m Trying to Enjoy the Moment”

BLACKPINK Jennie adorned the cover of HIGH CUT, going back and forth between pure and confident charms.

Credit: HIGH CUT

Jennie unveiled a pure and captivating pictorial through HIGH CUT magazine published on May 5. In the pictorial with the concept of freedom, Jennie pulled off sensuous styles ranging from comfortable looks with logo t-shirts and denim to high heels with stretch denim and sweatshirt. Wearing a t-shirt dress and moving freely or sitting comfortably in a chair, she conveys a girlish pure atmosphere. When staring at the camera under a red light and yellow background, she suddenly turns into a charismatic performer on stage. She expressed herself with expressions and poses to match the mood, going back and forth between white and dreamy colors.

Credit: HIGH CUT

When asked about what drives her, “Maybe you might call it greed, but I still have so much I want to do and show you. With every work, I hope to show you a new and cool images of myself. I think that’s what keeps me busy,” Jennie, both an artist and style icon, answered. “Even when I’m not working, I think about how to spend my time so I won’t leave any regrets. Besides from working out, I always try to learn new things, including making new hobbies.”

BLACKPINK, the group that Jennie belongs to, is growing at a fast pace. When the questioner asked her if the speed frightens her, Jennie answered, “Since our debut, time just flew by. Everyday something new happens, and I still can’t believe it. Sometimes, I am scared at how fast things are moving, but cherishable moments increase day by day. So I’m trying to enjoy the moment.”

Credit: HIGH CUT

Jennie even opened up about her childhood dream. “Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed re-forming or buying clothes and wearing them in different combinations. Also, not a day went by without singing or dancing with my friends,” Jennie commented. “I never knew that I would find a job where I can do both, but I won’t be here if I never wondered what to wear every morning and listened to music with my friends and try to copy the dance moves.”

She also added, “I’m sure little Jennie will tell me, ‘You’re doing what you always loved, don’t get easily tired and work hard till you absolutely can’t. Always dream, never let it go and don’t forget to tell yourself you’re doing a good job.‘”

Jennie’s pictorial and interview can be found in HIGH CUT Magazine No. 259, published on March 5.

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