UPDATE: ITZY Releases Teaser Image/Video for Their New Album ‘IT’z ME’

Credit: JYP Entertainment

UPDATED February 28:

Teaser images for YUNA is released on Twitter.


UPDATED February 27:

ITZY dropped new teaser images for CHAERYEONG.



Original Article

The group ITZY is releasing the teaser images of their new album IT’z ME sequentially.

Starting on February 21, JYP Entertainment started to release the teaser images of ITZY for their upcoming album. Starting with the teaser image of the group, on February 24, YEJI‘s teaser images were released and on Feburary 25, LIA‘s teaser images have unveiled. As of today, RYUJIN‘s teaser images were released on ITZY Twitter account.

February 21: Group Teaser Image


February 24: YEJI


February 25: LIA


February 26: RYUJIN


The second mini album IT’z ME is scheduled to be released on March 9. The title track “WANNABE” is a fusion groove track with genres such as EDM, House and Hip-hop mixed in together.

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