Lee Hanee & Gong Hyo Jin Were Abused Verbally Just For Attending Oscar After Party For ‘Parasite’

Credit: Gong Hyo Jin Instagram


Actors Lee Hanee and Gong Hyo Jin were embroiled in an untimely gossip after attending the Oscar after-party for Parasite.

Lee Hanee posted a proof shot of the celebration party for Parasite’s wins on her own Instagram as the film swept through the Academy Awards, saying “If anyone saw me, he or she would think I won the prize. But I’m really that happy as if I did it. I can’t sleep tonight at all.” Gong Hyo Jin also shared a photo of director Bong Joon ho grabbing his Oscar trophy on her own Instagram, with a short caption saying, “Hurrah”.

And some Instagram users condemned Lee and Gong, expressing discomfort against their posts. They left the malicious comments constantly, saying “Why you bothered to drop by the party for ‘Parasite’?”, “You can be mistaken as an Oscar winner,” and so on. Lee eventually deleted the controversial post and apologized to the netizens, saying “I just posted a feed to congratulate my seniors and colleagues, but I’m sorry if there were people who felt uncomfortable or upset with that.”

The prevailing view is, however, that there’s nothing wrong with their attendance of the party. Many others online have fiercely criticized the netizens who blamed Lee Hanee. One netizen mentioned, “it doesn’t look weird at all for her [Lee Hanee] to attend the celebration party as a fellow actor, and there seems to be a lot of people thinking too intricately.”

According to the report by OSEN, one of the Korean news websites for entertaintment and sports, Lee Hanee and Gong Hyo Jin visited the party place after being invited by the Parasite crews during their stay in the U.S. A source involved in the Parasite crews told OSEN, saying “Everyone at the moment was in a mood of joy, touching the trophy and taking pictures. It was just natural, so I’m now puzzled (after finding out some people’s cause to ask why Lee and Gong attended the party).”

The source explained further about the situation then, saying “Lee Hanee and Gong Hyo Jin filmed MBC‘s drama Pasta with Lee Sun Kyun. Gong also appeared on KBS‘s latest drama When The Camellia Blooms with Lee Jung Eun. All of those actors were pleased to meet each other in the foreign country.” The source added. “They [Lee Hanee and Gong Hyo Jin] celebrated the crews and they [the cast of Parasite] replied to that, making a great atmosphere.”

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