EVERGLOW New Music Video Hits 10 Million Views in 16 Hours

Credit: Yuehua Entertainment

New music video “DUN DUN,” the title track of EVERGLOW’s first mini album “Reminiscence” surpassed 10 million views in 16 hours.

“DUN DUN” is a song with a strong melody that feels like a desert breeze, a strong beat and delicate vocal line. Seo Ji-Eum, who wrote lyrics for numerous hit songs such as EXO “GROWL” and RED VELVET “DUMB DUMB,” and Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Atken and 72 who all worked with top K-POP artists jointly participated in this album, sparking the expectations of K-POP fans even before the release.

The music video draw attention with EVERGLOW’s charismatic images, powerful performance and six members’ unique choreography.

Meanwhile, EVERGLOW is drawing more attention by the minute by ranking in ‘Twitter Trends’ and ‘Worldwide Trends’ and hitting the top search words on major Asian portal sites.

Check out the music video!


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