Kang Daniel’s Letter to His Fans, Danity.

Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel wrote a handwritten letter to his fans on January 29th, which was posted on his official fan cafe.

The letter read:

“My dear Danity.
Hello, it’s Kang Daniel.

The magpie’s Lunar New Year and our Lunar New Year have passed, and we’re already a month into 2020. Has Danity been doing well during this long winter?

For me, this winter has been especially cold. I needed to hibernate for a little while to overcome the cold and I apologize for leaving without a proper goodnight. I should have at least said goodbye to Danity, and so, though it’s late, I’m apologizing to you now.

The frozen winter of mine seems to have come to an end, and that end must be the start of spring. The warm stories you’ve sent me have brought spring to me, and I’m trying to pick myself back up and greet it.

Even though I may be late, I wanted to sincerely thank you for warmly embracing me even with the sudden news. Thank you for sharing your hearts with me on our fan cafe. Thank you so much for listening to my somewhat rough story, supporting me, waiting for me, and being with me. I can’t express that enough.

I’ll get back up now. I’ll give back to you as much as you’ve given me and even more. Though not every day can be happy, I believe that if I’m with you, there will be many more happy days. I’ll make sure there are many more days we can smile this year.

Let’s make 2020 a happy year.
Thank you, my Danity.”

The only updates we have on the singer is that of his dating life with TWICE‘s Jihyo, and his hiatus to focus on his health which began in December of 2019. The singer’s label, Konnect Entertainment, has yet to announce any details of a comeback, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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