Hong Kong Influencer Ling Cheng’s Chilling Account of Her Night at Burning Sun: Drugged and Terrified

burning sun victims
burning sun victims
Credit: Ling Cheng Social Media

As the BBC documentary reignites interest in the Burning Sun scandal, Hong Kong influencer Ling Cheng has come forward, revealing her own harrowing experience at the notorious club. She recently confessed that she fell victim to the “dunking drug” method—secretly drugging someone, drawing significant attention.

On May 22nd, Cheng took to her social media to share photos and recount the disturbing events that occurred six years ago when she visited Burning Sun. This confession comes amidst the release of the BBC documentary, which has once again thrust the 2019 Burning Sun scandal into the spotlight. The documentary exposes the criminal activities of prominent figures like Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jong Hoon.

Cheng revealed, “I went to Burning Sun with my then-boyfriend. After just one drink, I lost consciousness,” she began, sharing her terrifying ordeal. She explained that she had visited the club in 2018 because her acquaintance’s ex-boyfriend was a business partner of Seungri in Hong Kong. That night, Seungri was the DJ, and the club was packed.

burning sun victims
Credit: Ling Cheng Social Media

Recalling the bizarre scene, she wrote that Seungri was the DJ on the night, and the club was packed with people. She noticed many attendees wearing black sunglasses and biting on pacifiers, which seemed odd. Later, she learned that this was to cover the involuntary movements, such as dilated pupils and tongue-biting, that occur after drug use.

Cheng described the frightening moment she felt the effects of the drug, “After two glasses of champagne, I suddenly blacked out. It was terrifying.” Despite not drinking excessively, she found herself unusually intoxicated. Fortunately, her friends and ex-boyfriend noticed something was wrong and quickly took her out of the club, reporting the incident to the police. Reflecting on that night, she mentioned, “I felt like something was added to my drink,” but thankfully, she did not suffer any further harm.

Cheng concluded by sharing why she decided to come forward now, “I wanted to raise awareness and caution the public through my experience,” she wrote, hoping her story would serve as a warning to others.

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