Kang Dong Won Shares Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Lee Jong Suk’s Special Appearance in ‘The Plot’

lee jong suk new movie
lee jong suk new movie
Credit: AA Group, Lee Jong Suk Instagram

In a recent interview with SPOTVNEWS, Kang Dong Won opened up about his experience working with Lee Jong Suk, who made a special appearance in the film The Plot. Lee Jong Suk plays the role of the deceased former team member, Jjaknun, showcasing a strong bromance with Kang Dong Won’s character, Yeong Il.

Kang Dong Won expressed his gratitude for Lee Jong Suk’s contribution, saying, “We didn’t have many scenes together, but we had a lot of fun. We had met once before socially, so it was fun filming with him. It was brief, but I’m thankful he did it. He really had a tough time, lying on the cold ground for the shoot. It was a very cold day.”

About what the director said about casting Lee Jong Suk to contrast Kang Dong Won’s darker features with Lee Jong Suk’s lighter appearance, Kang Dong Won humorously responded, “He’s really white. He comes out as a white and puppy-like character. The contrast between us worked really well on screen.”

The Plot starts with Yeong Il suspecting that Jjaknun’s death was a planned murder, although the backstory isn’t fully detailed in the film. Kang Dong Won hinted at the deep bond between the characters, saying, “I’m not entirely sure, but Yeong Il has a bit of an obsession with Jjaknun. They both grew up without families, so they were the only family to each other.”

The Plot is about Yeong Il, a “planner” who perfectly orchestrates assassinations to look like accidents, and the unexpected events he gets caught up in. The movie is set to be released on May 29th.

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