Song Ha Yoon and Nam Joo Hyuk Face Renewed Accusations as Victims Push Back Harder

nam joo hyuk school
nam joo hyuk school
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The bullying controversy involving Song Ha Yoon and Nam Joo Hyuk has entered its second round. Accusers claiming to have been victimized by the two have begun to take more proactive steps in making their grievances known.

One accuser, identified as A, brought forth more detailed allegations of physical assault by Song Ha Yoon on the 8th during an episode of JTBC’s Scandal Supervisor. A stated on the broadcast that despite Song Ha Yoon’s denials of school violence, A suffered injuries lasting over four weeks after being beaten up by Song, who reportedly used not just her hands but also her feet. It was claimed that the incident led to a disciplinary committee at school and the enforced transfer of Song Ha Yoon and other perpetrators involved.

On the show, A remarked, “While other students involved in the bullying came to my house to kneel and apologize, Kim Mi Sun (Song Ha Yoon’s real name) did not.”

However, new information suggests she kept a low profile during her final year of high school.

According to a Star News report on April 9th, Song Ha Yoon transferred to Apgujeong High School in Seoul for her senior year. However, classmates from that time barely remember her, describing her as quiet and reserved. Some of her former classmates even expressed surprise to learn she had attended their school.

However, other classmates speculate that bullying may have been the reason for her transfer. They question why else a student would transfer in the second semester of their senior year.

The man who initially accused her claims her forced transfer stemmed from a group assault that left the victim needing four weeks of medical leave.

According to JTBC and the initial accuser, the assault happened because of a rumor Song Ha Yoon allegedly spread. One perpetrator was told by another that Song Ha Yoon said the victim had spread rumors about them. This led to a fight between the perpetrator, the victim, and Song Ha Yoon, resulting in the assault. Ultimately, all three students, including Song Ha Yoon, were forced to transfer.

Song Ha Yoon’s side admitted she was involved in the altercation but claimed she was not the instigator. They explained that they revealed the attendance of her deskmate, who was being bullied at that time, to the bullies. Song Ha Yoon’s side also stated that she was actively pursuing an entertainment career at the time and wanted to resolve the situation quickly, so her agency gave the victim a settlement, and she voluntarily transferred.

However, the victim came forward and contradicted Song Ha Yoon’s version of events. They claimed the class had a single row of desks, making the “deskmate” claim irrelevant. The victim denied having any prior issues with the students who bullied her before Song Ha Yoon transferred. They insisted that she instigated the fight and even alleged that she participated in the assault.

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Another accuser stepping forward against actor Nam Joo Hyuk has officially entered legal proceedings. B, who has accused Nam Joo Hyuk of school bullying, was recently fined 7 million KRW (approximately $5,600) for defamation in a summary order. Journalist C, who reported on these allegations, also received a fine of 7 million KRW. In response, B has filed for a formal trial at the Uijeongbu District Court’s Goyang branch to ascertain the truth.

The indictment includes two parts: one claiming that B told C about being bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk’s group, which C misreported as bullying by Nam Joo Hyuk himself. The second part involves B, who witnessed a friend being bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk and intends to call classmates who were directly bullied as witnesses to determine the truth of Nam Joo Hyuk’s bullying allegations.

As the drama unfolds, all eyes are increasingly on this case, especially with Nam Joo Hyuk wrapping up his military service this coming September.

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