Lee Jae Wook Reflects on His Role in ‘The Impossible Heir’: A Revealing One-on-One Interview

lee jae wook the impossible heir
lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus’s original series The Impossible Heir has been a topic of much discussion, thanks in part to Lee Jae Wook‘s portrayal of Han Tae Oh. The series recently unveiled an intimate Q&A session with the actor.

Q. All episodes of ‘The Impossible Heir’ have been released. How do you feel?

A. Firstly, it was great to embrace a new challenge with The Impossible Heir. I felt like I discovered aspects of myself I didn’t know were there, and I had such a great time, making beautiful memories.

Q. What’s your favorite scene from ‘The Impossible Heir’?

A. The “Hotel Suite Room Murder” scene stands out for me. It’s a pivotal moment in the storyline, and I put a lot of heart into everything from the set details to rehearsals and shooting. The collective effort from the actors, director, and crew to bring this scene to life was truly memorable.

Q. After Kang In Ha’s betrayal, did Han Tae Oh still consider him a friend or partner?

A. From that moment, In Ha was neither a friend nor a partner. After the betrayal, I believe both characters went their separate ways.

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lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus
lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Q. Among the many choices Han Tae Oh made, which do you believe was the most correct?

A. I think every decision Tae Oh made was the right one for him. While not every choice might have been the perfect answer, Tae Oh eventually achieved his dream, which to me, means his decisions were “right.”

Q. There’s a saying that Lee Jae Wook’s personal color is ‘blood, sweat, and tears.’ Was it challenging to play Han Tae Oh, a character also defined by ‘blood, sweat, and tears’?

A. There were scenes where Tae Oh becomes impulsive and exhibits a wide range of emotions. Each required a different mood and feeling, making it hard to show the variety of emotional spectrums to the audience.

Q. If you could compare your career to Han Tae Oh’s ascent to the 151st floor of the Kangoh Group, how far have you climbed in your life?

A. If the 151st floor is the pinnacle, I’d say I’m just in the lobby. It feels like I’ve been gradually making my way up from the basement.

lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Q. If you could give Han Tae Oh a piece of advice, what would it be?

A. I believe in the power of human connections shaping our daily lives and situations. So, I’d tell Tae Oh that you can’t plan for everything, especially not people’s hearts. Being more human wouldn’t have hindered his goals.

Q. What did you gain through ‘The Impossible Heir’?

A. Even though we may not always know if our choices are right, each decision shapes who we are today. It’s a message from The Impossible Heir that has resonated with me.

Q. Any final words for the viewers of ‘The Impossible Heir’, both in Korea and abroad?

A. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has shown love and support for The Impossible Heir and Han Tae Oh. I hope you continue to show interest in my future endeavors.

Source: Disney Plus

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