Exclusive Interview: Oceanfromtheblue Talks Overcoming Depression + A Change In His Musical Concept

Credit: Nostalgia Music

Singer Oceanfromtheblue is a fresh face with a talent as unique as his name. Debuting in 2018 with Luv-fi 2018, the 30-year-old singer now under Nostalgia Music has been dedicating himself to his ideals and expressions through music since the beginning.

With an entire album dedicated to his depression titled Take Off, Oceanfromtheblue is not afraid to be raw, vulnerable and get into the nitty-gritty of things through his lyrics. From his contemporary R&B sounds to his lo-fi vibe tracks, Oceanfromtheblue has recently appeared on Colors Show to film a one-take in Berlin and is currently creating more frolicsome and bubbly songs in the studio.

With all the excitement in the air of creating new music, Oceanfromtheblue wants to connect with newer fans in order to fulfill his goal of being someone who can empathize and comfort people with his music. Through our interview, Oceanfromtheblue will surely impress readers with his ability to be himself as he discusses his musical journey, creative process, and even offers his opinion on how music has changed over the years due to platforms like TikTok.

Credit: Nostalgia Music

Get to know a deeper side Oceanfromtheblue and dive into our exclusive article with exclusive pictures down below!

First, Oceanfromtheblue is such a unique name that cannot be ignored and resonates with nature. Can you explain why you chose such a wonderful name? Has the meaning stayed the same or changed over time?

Oceanfromtheblue: “Cool in summer, cold in winter, I think the ocean has a different poetic feeling for each changing season. I felt that this aspect was the same for music, which also changes according to my feelings and thoughts. And as the ocean is mostly the color blue, I came up with the name ‘Oceanfromtheblue.’ I think this meaning will always stay this way.”

An interesting name calls for an interesting debut as well. You debuted in 2018 with not just a single track but a whole album titled Luv-fi 2018. How has your musical career and direction changed since then?

Oceanfromtheblue: “I don’t think it has changed greatly. I’ve filled my EP album with music of warm sentiment, but for my mixtapes, I’ve also created a lot of cold-vibe songs with hip-hop sounds, so I think there hasn’t been a significant change since then. As I get to receive more attention from people, I think there are some people who are surprised and must feel like “so he does this kind of music, too.”

As stated earlier, Oceanfromtheblue’s album Take Off which is based solely on his inner depression, alongside the ideas of acceptance and triumph over it, is a fine way to explore the cold, hip-hop style that likens him to being a deep, dark blue ocean. While Oceanfromtheblue is capable of creating light, airy, R&B feel-good tracks, his mixtapes offer a quality contrast to his usual promotional style.

You recently recorded 25 – A COLORS SHOW in one take in Berlin. What sort of pressures did you feel while filming a one-take? Can you describe the experience?

Oceanfromtheblue: “I thought it would be more pressuring to film multiple takes, so I went with a mindset that I will have it done in a single try. And I could actually do so! All the staff were very kind, and it was my first time shooting a live clip abroad, so I was very excited and had a really great time.”

What was your favorite part of traveling to Berlin?

Oceanfromtheblue: “Of course, the moment I met my fans at the show it was my favorite part of traveling to Berlin. I’ve simply made music in Korea, and they (the fans) show love for me from a place so far away. All throughout the tour, I kept thinking about how the fans and I can actually see each other at the show and have a great time together. I was so happy. Also, the German letters and signs on the streets were very cool. I’d like to personally visit again.”

Is there a new artist you wish to work with or a concept you’re interested in trying as you continue to expand the reach of your music?

Oceanfromtheblue: “Honestly, I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a routine these days. I am trying to think back about what kind of music I used to like, what kind of music-making made me the happiest; I’m trying to treat music with a fresh new attitude. I’d also like a chance to work with the amazing artists of Berlin.”

Up to this point, it is obvious to readers and fans that your style is a bit different from K-Pop and you’re a unique soloist. However, do you listen to any K-pop songs or are you inspired by a particular artist? If so, why?

Oceanfromtheblue: “I’ve been following up with the recently released K-Pop songs. Since there are so many participants who put their heart into the production, there are top lines, arrangements, and sounds that I alone cannot think of. I’m learning a lot from listening to them all.”

With new platforms like TikTok, reels, and even new genres like low-fi and nightcore changing the way fans enjoy music, has this changed the way you create or promote music on your platforms?

Oceanfromtheblue: “It’s a point that cannot be ignored. Actually, it’s both a very helpful element for those in the starting stages of music and a barrier to entry. Back when I started, there was a movement where people would go digging and discover artists by themselves on SoundCloud. Now there’s no need to do so. Now, we are in an era in which it’s impossible to compare the marketing aspects of mainstream artists if artists are not exposed to people’s algorithms through short-form content. So I think we have to really make use of these platforms, too. I think there’s so much more to think about, how one will melt one’s music (to fit in this environment) and how one will protect their own colors.”

Absolutely well said. Everyone stans an authentic artist!

Credit: Nostalgia Music

Which one of your songs do you think perfectly describes your musical style and that new fans should listen to?

Oceanfromtheblue: “I have a lot of different styles, but I’d like to recommend ‘Girl’ and ‘Sherlock.’ With ‘Girl’ listeners may feel more R&B contemporary vibes, and in ‘Sherlock’ you will be able to feel a warm sentiment of mine.”

Now that some of our new readers and fans have become more acquainted with the brand that is oceanfromtheblue, what would you like to say to your new and old fans alike?

Oceanfromtheblue: “In my 20s, when debuting, fans from other countries felt distant from me, but not anymore. Meeting them in person, having conversations – I still have all of your faces in my memory! I hope to see you more often in 2024 and in the future. Thank you and I love you!”

Now that you’ve taken time to float through oceanfromtheblue’s many musical styles and genuine thoughts, how do you feel about this incredible artist? Don’t forget to follow him on social media (As he is especially active on Twitter) and look forward to more of his contemporary feel-good tracks.

Credit: Nostalgia Music

In the end, Oceanfromtheblue plans to comeback with a more poppish and brighter track in the near future. Which style of music did you prefer the most from Oceanfromtheblue? Share it with us in the comments, show this new and refreshing artist to your friends by sharing our link and don’t forget to follow Oceanfromtheblue and us for more exclusive interviews!

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  • 🇧🇷 Todas as músicas são boas, eu não consigo escolher. Acho que vai mais do dia e como você está no momento. Tudo o que eu quero e desejo é que ele venha para o Brasil fazer show e até mesmo para conhecer. Eu sonho com isso 😂😂. Espero que mais entrevista possam ser feitas com ele, fico feliz de encontrar bons trabalhos que demonstre o belo trabalho desse artista.

  • Fish from the USA, here! I look forward to your new music and it’s my dream to someday meet you and support you on tour. You are my favorite artist and I have so much love and respect for you. Thanks for being great to us fish~ 🐟💙

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