Bobby Unveils Why He Chose RM Over EXO for His Infamous ‘Show Me The Money’ Diss

bobby show me the money
bobby show me the money
Credit: YouTube “Money Chord”

A decade after the event that sparked widespread discussion among fans, iKON’s Bobby opened up about the reasons behind his memorable diss towards BTS’s RM during his Show Me The Money 3 appearance in 2014.

In a revealing session on the YouTube channel Moneygraphy’s “Money Chord,” Bobby took a deep dive into his past, especially the infamous rap battle that had fans puzzled and polarized. The host initiated the discussion, “You dissed RM. And RM knew your intentions, so he responded, and it was interesting. But I think that K-pop fans didn’t understand what it was. (They thought) why are they attacking each other? They regarded it as an actual personal attack. But it’s just a game (battle) in hip-hop culture.”

To which Bobby responded, “I even got the question ‘Why didn’t you attack EXO?’ They had lots of fans. My honest answer? If I messed with EXO, I’d be dead.”

The hosts pointed out that choosing RM for the battle was, in many ways, a nod of respect. “You attacked because you wanted a good fight. It’s an interesting fight,” he shared, emphasizing the essence of hip-hop battles.

Fans and netizens had varied reactions to Bobby’s explanation, ranging from amusement to critique: “That’s pretty hilarious,” “I didn’t realize that diss had such meanings,” “So he went for RM because BTS was under the radar back then, interesting strategy,” “He’s a wimp,” “That’s hip-hop? Lol picking on the weak?” and “I’m so glad BTS made it big when I see things like this.”

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