Comedy Series ‘Chicken Nugget’ Is An Unexpected Hit For Netflix + Episode 1 Review

chicken nugget netflix review
chicken nugget netflix review
Credit: Netflix

Who would have thought a story of a girl turning into a chicken nugget would be so entertaining and well-received by the world!

Just as the title suggests, Chicken Nugget is the latest Korean TV Show series to be released on Netflix this year. Ranking #1 in TV Shows Today on the streaming platform, and remaining within the Top 10 ranking globally. But just how good is the show? Is it really worth watching? Could the story of a chicken nugget really be that fascinating?

So far, the story line is quite hilarious. Released on March 15th, the comedy mystery television series directed by Lee Byeong Heon stars Ryu Seung Ryong, Ahn Jae Hong, and Kim Yoo Jung. It is based on an originally popular Naver webtoon of the same name about the struggles of a father to recover his daughter who entered a mysterious machine and turned into a chicken nugget and his employee, who has a crush on her, helps along the way.

Kim Yoo Jung had said before that she was a fan of director Lee Byeong Heon’s work and that upon reading the script she was “constantly laughing out loud” and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with him. For now, her appearance was brief in the first episode, merely appearing as the love interest of the eccentric intern Go Baek Joong (whose name is a pun on the word 고백 which means to “confess” in Korean). However, fans can expect more from her as the story progresses and many are curious of her role as a chicken nugget. Not many actors can say they were paid to be a chicken nugget after all.

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The main character, Go Baek Joong, seems to stand out from typical Korean society. Wearing flashy, bright clothing, dancing and singing in the streets, and more-or-less living in his own fantasies. Despite being painted as a weirdo in Korea’s modern society, he comes off as a more endearing, adorkable character who tends to be true to himself without realizing how much main-character-energy he truly exudes.

chicken nugget netflix review
Credit: Netflix

Although the show has reached the top spot in TV shows, the continued triumph may be debatable due to the humor and comical taste being highly catered to Korean “gag man” comedic acting and timing. With awkward comedic laughing fits or characters simply saying things they want to say to their boss but normally wouldn’t. With lines like “Oh you bought chicken nuggets? This company actually has perks?” and “I only slept 14 hours last night so I’m quite tired,” these situations all poke fun at Korean work culture in a lighthearted way. Although Go Baek Joong is portrayed as an odd-ball, it seems the whole staff at the company are unique in their own ways.

It is a simple comedy that is engaging and fun to see. The story alone is captivating enough to keep fans going and if you love over-reactions and physical comedy, then Chicken Nugget will certainly put a smile on your face.

Fans left comments saying “Chicken Nugget blows my mind… a whole production went into a TV show about a woman who turns into a chicken nugget. I really can’t believe this,” “This show is SO RANDOM. I LOVE IT!!” and “What episode does precious Jinyoung make his cameo as a chicken nugget? I really wanna see that.”

It seems fans are eager to see how this comical drama will unfold and look forward to the remaining characters who have yet to make an appearance. What do you think of this show? Are you excited to see more of Chicken Nugget? The series has uploaded all the episodes on the day of release, so there is no need to wait and you can binge all 10 episodes until your heart’s content!

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