Song Kang Joins’ I-LAND 2′ as Storyteller Amidst the Show’s Controversy Over Mistreatment on Set

i-land season 2
i-land season 2
Credit: Namoo Actors, Mnet

Mnet’s forthcoming show I-LAND 2: N/a (I-LAND 2), a global girl group debut project, is gaining traction with Song Kang joining the endeavor as a new storyteller. Mnet confirmed on the 11th that Song Kang will be part of the show, which is set to premiere next month on the 18th.

Song Kang’s contribution is much anticipated, as he is set to enlist for military service just two days later, on the 2nd, making I-LAND 2: N/a, one of his last activities before his enlistment. “I am delighted to be part of the beginning of an artist’s journey and will do my best to deliver this new story to unfold,” Song Kang shared, expressing his commitment to the project.

Amidst the excitement, I-LAND 2 has been tackling serious accusations of mistreatment on set. An online community post made on the 10th alleged misconduct by the production team toward minor contestants. The anonymous whistleblower A exposed that despite instructions not to mistreat participants being prominently displayed on the walls, the director lined up the contestants—who had only gotten about two hours of sleep—and berated them for showing “zero passion” in the early morning shoot.

They also further revealed that the director caused a 9-hour delay in filming, forcing the I-LAND 2 staff to only be able to leave work in the morning. A’s expose continued with claims like “The contestants had to group up just to say they needed to use the bathroom because they’re scared of the production team” and “The set was so poorly heated that everyone was shivering.”

In response to these claims, I-LAND 2 production team stated, “We strive to create a safe and proper filming environment and to produce a program that is loved by the public,” ensuring that they abide by the legal guidelines and prioritizing the health and safety of the minor cast. “The ‘I-LAND 2’ set is monitored in real-time and equipped with systems for a safe environment. We regulate temperatures automatically via a central control system and measure air quality through an automatic ventilation system,” the production clarified further.

They also affirmed that “all contestants are provided necessary rest during filming, and all staff are careful with their conduct according to the guidelines,” concluding with a commitment to “continue to protect the cast and maintain a proper production environment.”

Meanwhile, the eagerly awaited I-LAND 2: N/a is expected to air its first episode on Mnet at 8:50 PM KST on April 18th, amid promises of ethical production and an engaging format.

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