9 Korean Celebrities Who Showed Their Homes on ‘I Live Alone’

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Peek into the unique living spaces of 9 Korean celebrities who opened up their homes on the popular reality show I Live Alone, from luxurious penthouses to cozy flats, each reflecting their personalities and lifestyles.

Junho’s Luxurious Two-story Penthouse

Junho appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone in 2021 and revealed his penthouse in Seoul’s affluent Cheongdam neighborhood. He had been living alone for two years and described buying the house as a way to create a personal space after eight years of dorm life in his ten-year career.

The 2PM member then outlined the house’s interior in detail. While he initially envisioned a modern aesthetic, he admitted with a laugh that the arrival of his cats had introduced a playful touch. The guests were surprised to see the house’s neat layout, featuring a bedroom and living room on the first floor and a kitchen and recording studio on the second. Completing the picture was a personal gym equipped for Junho’s workouts.

EXO’s Kai’s Fancy Apartment With a Twist

EXO’s Kai revealed his home on the show I Live Alone in 2022. Freshly independent for four months, he admitted “even breathing feels like bliss.” Just gazing at his ceiling felt like “being in a utopia,” he gushed.

True to his words, his place embraced a modern aesthetic with a spacious living room, a “white canvas with a pop of black” as he described it. The seamless flow of connected rooms added to the minimalist charm. But the real showstopper was the two separate dressing rooms – one for tops, one for bottoms. Park Na Rae couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is definitely in the top three most unique I’ve ever seen!”

Kim Se Jeong’s Humble and Cozy Flat

Three years ago, Kim Se Jeong shared her daily life on I Live Alone. She originally wanted a one-bedroom apartment, but her budget wouldn’t allow it. Feeling lost, she stumbled upon her current place, complete with built-in appliances and a fridge.

Her segment started with her waking up and guzzling water from a large bottle, revealing a side less conventional than her reserved and feminine persona. Her closet wasn’t the tidiest, but she prepped for the day and headed to the bank. Surprisingly, she confessed to having nine bank accounts, while recent reports claim she purchased a house under her mother’s name.

Sandara Park’s Spacious Fashion Haven

Sandara Park revealed her home on I Live Alone in 2021. At the time, she had only been living alone for a month. She said that she had always lived with her parents after her dorm life with her 2NE1 members ended. She said, “I’m finally independent after 38 years,” and “Living alone is a dream for me.”

Sandara Park’s living room was filled with a collection of items that covered one entire wall. Her dressing room was full of eye-catching fashion items. She also decorated her refrigerator, kitchen and even the hallway with her own photos, creating a self-loving interior. Sandara Park lives in a luxury villa in Seoul. In 2021, the estimated sale price of the house was 1.6 billion won ($1.3 million).

Woo Do Hwan’s Seemingly Normal Home With a Hidden Nerd Cave

Last May, Woo Do Hwan took viewers on a tour of his place on I Live Alone. His home seemed ordinary at first with blackout curtains, a tidy setup and the actor himself calling it a ‘regular family house.’ He confessed that he’s ‘not exactly a decorating pro’ as he showed his house, but the true theme surfaced quickly as every room proudly displayed photos of the man, a detail that left everyone chuckling. He even took viewers into his hidden ‘secret room,’ a personal space filled with action figures, toys and comic books that bring out his inner child.

Kyuhyun’s First-Ever Bachelor Pad

Super Junior’s youngest member, Kyuhyun, has finally bid farewell to dorm life after 17 years and unveiled his very own bachelor pad. When asked about his newfound independence, Kyuhyun couldn’t contain his excitement, exclaiming, ‘I’m so happy! I can’t believe I didn’t consider living alone sooner.’

However, Kyuhyun’s place was pretty simple, with most of the furniture and appliances brought over from his dorm days and thoughtful gifts from his close friends, including TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and actor Ahn Jae Hyun. He revealed he can’t decorate the house just yet as he’s renting the place.

Hwang Minhyun’s Five-Star-Hotel-Like Home

Hwang Minhyun gave fans a peek into his life last year, three months after leaving the NU’EST dorm. When asked about his decision to live alone, Minhyun explained that after a decade of dorm life as a trainee and idol, he craved some independence. He also shared that living with his fellow members had given him a deeper understanding of their personalities and quirks, and he felt that living separately would allow them to respect each other better.

Minhyun’s home was immaculately clean, with a meticulously arranged dressing table, a perfume collection that would put any store to shame, a spotless kitchen, and a pristine guest room. But perhaps the most impressive thing was Minhyun’s bed-making skills – as soon as he woke up, he made his bed with such precision that it looked like it belonged in a five-star hotel.

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‘Knight Flower’ star Lee Jong Won’s Curtain-free Apartment

Lee Jong Won took viewers on a tour of his incredible home on I Live Alone back in 2023. The apartment has a stunning view of Namsan Tower, and it’s filled with personal touches like cameras, LPs, and photos that reflect his unique style. Despite its compact size, the space is efficiently designed to cater to Lee Jong Won’s lifestyle. He enjoys cooking, relaxing, and even working out in his comfortable haven.

One thing that truly sets his place apart is the absence of curtains. Lee Jong Won wakes up each morning bathed in warm sunlight streaming through the windows. He shared, “I used to live in a basement before moving here, so I didn’t get much natural light. Waking up to the sun every day is something I’m very grateful for.”

Ahn Bo Hyun’s Rented Apartment Transformed by His Own Hands

Ahn Bo Hyun also gave viewers a peek into his private life on the show. He introduced his rented apartment, explaining that he’s been living alone for 17 years, ever since he started playing sports in middle school and moved into dorms. The unique interior was a major highlight of the episode. The charmingly decorated space with its quirky props and mood lighting stood out. He revealed that he had renovated the entire apartment himself, which surprised everyone.

He explained that the process took about four days and that he had help from friends. He also mentioned that the apartment had mold issues before he had it insulated and repainted. He chose a dirt-resistant color for the walls and even painted the doors himself, combining different colors to create a unique look. Ahn Bo Hyun then surprised everyone even more by revealing that he had saved a significant amount of money by doing the remodeling himself. He said that the estimated cost of hiring a company to do the work was 18 million won ($14,000), but he was able to do it for just 2 million won ($1500).

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