Park Min Young Explains Her Drastic Weight Loss and Bold Off-Shoulder Look in ‘Marry My Husband’

park min young marry my husband outfits
park min young marry my husband outfits
Credit: Hook Entertainment

Park Min Young has explained her decision to wear an off-shoulder top for a work outfit in the tvN drama Marry My Husband.

In the drama, Park Min Young plays Kang Ji Won, a woman who returns to the past after being murdered by her best friend and husband. In the second chance at life, Kang Ji Won decides to live a different life, and this includes her fashion choices.

However, one scene sparked debate when Ji Won walked into the office in an off-shoulder top. While some viewers admired her bold fashion statement, others felt it clashed with the professional setting.

Park Min Young addressed the mixed reactions to the character’s office outfit in a recent interview. “I think we were a bit too ambitious,” she admitted. “The drama is set in 2013, so I looked up the fashion style at that time, and there were a few keywords. Off-shoulder, leopard, leather skinny pants, stiletto heels, fedora, etc. Looking back, it seems we went a bit too far trying to use them all.”

She continued, “I also didn’t communicate as well as I could have with the stylist. I actually worked with a new stylist for this drama. She’s a good stylist, but I think we went overboard and it didn’t work out. From episode 9, I went back to the team I’ve worked with for 10 years and we toned things down a bit.”

The actress also explained that she wanted to experiment with a new style in Marry My Husband to differentiate herself from her previous roles in dramas like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Her Private Life and Forecasting Love and Weather. She stated, “This is my fourth office drama so I felt like I had run out of outfit ideas. I should have played it safe, but I wanted to take a risk and show a new side of myself. I hope that viewers would accept it as part of the drama.”

park min young marry my husband outfits
Credit: Hook Entertainment

Park Min Young’s drastic weight loss for her role in the drama also made headlines. She dropped her weight to 37kg (81 lbs) to portray the frail figure of Kang Ji Won, a woman battling cancer in the early episodes.

“When I first read the script, words like ‘trembling, skeletal hands,’ ‘bones showing through the hospital gown,’ ‘withered and dry,’ and ’empty void’ stood out to me,” the actress recalled. “The first part of any drama is crucial, and it just so happened that the first part focused on Kang Ji Won’s time of illness.”

“I wanted to lose weight to the point where people would say, ‘What’s wrong with Park Min Young’s face?'” she continued. “In the process, I ended up losing more weight than the director had asked for.”

I’ve almost gained it all back,” she added. I’m around 43-44kg (95-97 lbs) now.”

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