Park Min Young’s Fashion Choices in ‘Marry My Husband’ Spark Debate Over TPO

park min young outfits marry my husband
park min young outfits marry my husband
Credit: tvN

In the recent tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband, Park Min Young, playing Kang Ji Won, has drawn attention for her excessively glamorous attire, which has sparked a debate over TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) appropriateness.

Kang Ji Won is a character who returns to 10 years prior at the brink of death, seeking to transform herself into someone who lives a full life. However, her exaggerated dressing style has been a hot topic. This began in episode 3, where Ji Won, dressed in a halter-neck dress at a barbecue restaurant during a reunion, transformed the casual gathering into a scene resembling an awards ceremony.

Although the notion “a woman’s makeover is always justified” is popular, Ji Won’s unrealistic transformation into a “glamorous office worker” has gone too far. Her wardrobe, adorned with luxury brands, is excessively extravagant and not fitting for her character. The outfits, sometimes revealing one shoulder, are more akin to what one would expect at a movie preview rather than a workplace.

In the drama, costumes are crucial in establishing the characters and the narrative. They vary with the drama’s setting and time, offering insights into the characters and enhancing the storytelling and the actors’ performances. However, the use of Kang Ji Won’s exaggerated office attire in the drama—now seen as a comedic element— is concerning. It suggests that Park Min Young’s portrayal of Kang Ji Won has deviated significantly from the intended character depiction. Despite a relaxed dress code in some workplaces, there is a fundamental principle of appropriateness in clothing.

Park Min Young’s extravagant dressing indicates more than just an attempt to look beautiful; it reflects a lack of research or analysis of the character she portrays.

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