tvN’s ‘Resident Playbook’ Faces the Heat of Real-Life Resident Strikes

resident playbook netflix
resident playbook netflix
Credit: tvN

tvN is gearing up to premiere its new drama Resident Playbook during a tumultuous time marked by a significant resident doctors’ strike. While the exact air date remains under wraps, the show, starring rising talents Go Youn Jung, Shin Sia, Han Yezee, Kang You Seok, and Jung Jun Won, is anticipated to hit the screens in May. This spin-off of the beloved Hospital Playlist will delve into the lives of obstetrics and gynecology residents, offering a glimpse into their hospital routines.

The production team intends to present a series that “mirrors the reality of working in a less popular medical field during an era of declining birth rates.” However, the timing of the show’s launch coincides with a widespread strike among resident doctors at five major hospitals in the country. They have collectively submitted their resignations in protest against the government’s plan to increase the number of medical school seats, aiming to address the doctor shortage.

The strike is set to begin in earnest on the 20th at 6:00 AM KST, following a deadline for resignation submissions by today. This move has prompted the Ministry of Health and Welfare to issue a directive mandating all 221 training hospitals across the country to ensure the continuation of medical services. This directive and the resident doctors’ collective action have sparked public outcry, with many criticizing the doctors for using patients as leverage in their protest.

resident playbook netflix
Credit: Netflix

Amidst this backdrop, the premiere of Resident Playbook raises questions about whether the show can elicit empathy from viewers or if it might inadvertently glamorize the profession amidst real-world controversies. Online communities have been abuzz with comments suggesting the drama might be too detached from reality or might be better off delayed, with remarks such as “It’s become a fantasy of a fantasy” and “Are all the residents here going to resign too?”

Despite the skepticism, some are saying that a drama should just be seen as a drama. Director Shin Won Ho of Hospital Playlist has previously acknowledged the series’ foundation in fantasy: “It could be seen as our own fantasy. A fantasy where everyone is kind and good. So, watching it makes viewers want to be among those good and kind-hearted people. If you want to call that a fantasy, so be it. The goal is to provide comfort and a sense of solace.”

As Resident Playbook prepares for its debut, it walks a fine line between reflecting the struggles and aspirations of young doctors and navigating the complex realities of the medical profession amidst societal upheaval.

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