Exclusive Interview: AOORA Is India’s Biggest Star + Recollects His 14 Years As A K-Pop Idol

Credit: Team Aoora

K-Pop is like a time capsule rich with history and events that have changed music globally. If we take a trip back through time, a group named AA debuted with the song “Because I’m Crazy” back in 2011 and lead singer AOORA at the time was gaining remarkable attention for his vocals and handsome looks.

Fast forward almost 14 years later, AOORA is now a soloist who is not only finding his true colors in music but also connecting two fascinating worlds of music and culture through his captivating stages. The born-to-be K-Pop idol AOORA finds himself dancing on stage in India, making people laugh on Indian Television series and even learning more about their music and culture while simultaneously breaking stereotypes and re-introducing Korean culture as a global phenomenon.

Now, AOORA took some time from his jam-packed schedule to come back to Korea and speak with ZAPZEE about his trials, tribulations, and success stories from overseas. If he didn’t before, AOORA will mesmerize you with his dazzling charms and happy-go-lucky personality in this exclusive interview.

You’ve grown a lot in your solo career, AOORA. What is the biggest change you have noticed in your life now? 

AOORA: “I think every day is a challenge and an opportunity. I have been lucky to follow my heart and experience many new things. At present, I am focused on learning English and creating some good music for my audience.”

Your 2023 song “Jimmy Jimmy” has been a huge success. Are there any new songs in the works?

AOORA: “Yes, I plan to release some interesting collaborations and solo songs. Please look forward to good music from my side.” – It seems he can’t reveal all his secrets just yet but anticipate it!

You currently promote in India and appeared on ‘ColorsTV’ with Jiocinema. You were on the show Bigg Boss as well. What do you think of the people and culture there?

AOORA: “I truly feel that India is my second home. People here are warm and open. The culture is rich and diverse. Every day is a learning opportunity for me. Every day is interesting and fun, too.”

Now that you have grown so accustomed to the culture, what is something different about Korean and Indian culture? Are there any similarities?

AOORA: “I feel both cultures are similar when it comes to family values and appreciation for music.

The major difference I feel is that in Korea people are getting very used to living alone and therefore people also confine their feelings and expressions. People in India express most things openly and togetherness is a high priority in India.”

But learning more about the culture isn’t the only part of AOORA’s experience. AOORA continues to explore and elevate his musical capabilities so he can produce music his steadily growing fanbase of 1 million fans can enjoy.”

Currently, what music genre are you exploring or interested in?

Credit: Team AOORA

AOORA: “Currently, I consume mainly top trending Indian music every day. I feel I need to learn and understand more and that is my focus these days.“

If you could choose a dream collaboration, who would be your ideal Indian and K-pop artist to work with?

AOORA: “I want to work with JK in K-pop and SRK in Bollywood. Those would be my dream collaborations.”

Reflecting on your tour experiences in Mumbai, Jammu, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Greater Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur and Mathura, can you share any specific moments or highlights from the shows that left a lasting impact on you?

AOORA: “Two moments that have been deeply etched in my memory are my concerts at LPU and Sanskriti University.”

“LPU Jalandhar was the first concert during my second trip to India and the scale of the concert was very grand. It was my first experience with such a huge crowd. During the concert when I saw the crowd enjoying the performance I had this amazing joyful feeling of satisfaction that gave me the courage and confidence to do more.

My Sanskriti University concert was almost a miraculous experience for me. It was held on World Tourism Day and ministers from UP were also attending. I started the concert with a Krishna hai song and when the lights shined on me, I suddenly felt like I was being hugged by my mom and that comfortable feeling while performing is difficult to put into words. However, this song became viral and I learned how heartfelt music was and the energy of people can create miracles.” – such a heartfelt response, it almost brings us to tears.”

But with much popularity comes lots of responsibility. AOORA is highly focused on connecting and communicating with his fans. He is currently busy using English, Korean and other languages on his platforms to do so. AOORA even sings in other languages, too.

You have many English-speaking fans – what is one way you practice English?

AOORA: “I try speaking to my friends in English every day and I am dedicated to learning English every day.”

AOORA’s fans also love seeing him keep up with the latest TikTok trends and recreating reels with his own flair. AOORA also revealed he isn’t afraid to express himself and fans eagerly wonder if he would ever take the stage as an actor as well.

What do you think about BL web series that are recently booming more than before in Korea? Would you ever star in one?

AOORA: “BL and K-Pop are very similar as both focus on a fantasy. Both create visually appealing fantasy worlds. *smiles* My focus is more on reality so I would like to keep myself away from fantasy for now.”

Before finishing our interview, we wanted to make sure AOORA had a chance to speak his thoughts and share some words of inspiration for his many international fans.

Is there anything you want to share with your fans and remind them how much you love them?

AOORA: “My fans are my biggest strength and are most precious to me. I strive to make good content for them that they can remember for a long time. I wish to give them beautiful hope through my music.”

AOORA has grown remarkably over the years and isn’t an artist that can easily go unnoticed. If you have followed AOORA since debut, then any fan would certainly know how hard AOORA has worked to reach this point. From events at KCON LA to now touring around India, it seems AOORA’s international success won’t meet its end any time soon.

What did you enjoy most about the interview? Don’t forget to follow AOORA on Instagram and TikTok if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow ZAPZEE for more exclusive interviews. Share this interview with fans of AOORA and leave a heart in the comments below to share some love with this marvelous idol.

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