Kim Yoo Jung Becomes a Chicken Nugget in Hilarious Trailer for New Netflix Comedy Series

chicken nugget kdrama
chicken nugget kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Netflix will be unveiling its original series Chicken Nugget on March 15th, offering a global audience a taste of a uniquely flavorful comedy. Directed by Lee Byung Heon, known for his hit movie Extreme Job which garnered over 16 million viewers, making it the second highest-grossing film in South Korea’s cinematic history, the series promises to deliver his signature blend of rhythmic dialogue and snappy humor.

Chicken Nugget follows the uproarious journey of Sun Man (Ryu Seung Ryong) and his daughter’s secret admirer, Baek Joong (Ahn Jae Hong), as they embark on a comical mystery to reverse an extraordinary incident: Sun-man’s daughter, Min Ah (Kim Yoo Jung), has been transformed into a chicken nugget by a mysterious machine.

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Ryu Seung Ryong stars as Choi Sun Man, who is desperate to revert his daughter back to her human form. Ahn Jae Hong steps into the shoes of intern Go Baek Jung, who harbors a secret crush on Min Ah. Kim Yoo Jung takes on the role of Choi Min Ah, who finds herself in the bizarre predicament of waking up as a chicken nugget, while Jung Ho Yeon makes a special appearance as Hong Cha, Korea’s top taste columnist, adding star power to the ensemble cast.

chicken nugget kdrama
Credit: Netflix

The released teaser poster and trailer capture the astonishment of Sun Man and Baek Jung as they cautiously reach out to the transformed Min Ah, now a piece of chicken nugget. The trailer kicks off with Min Ah disappearing into a puff of smoke inside a mysterious machine, leaving nothing but a lone piece of chicken in her place. Sun Man and Baek Jung ignite their resolve to save Min Ah, embarking on a haphazard and whimsical quest filled with cries of “Bring the chicken nugget back to life” and Sun Man’s determined “Min Ah! Daddy is coming!”

Meanwhile, Chicken Nugget, a blend of mystery, comedy, and heart, will be available on Netflix on March 15th.

Source: Netflix

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