Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku’s Netflix Series ‘A Killer Paradox’ Takes the World by Storm

a killer paradox review
a killer paradox review
Credit: Netflix

Netflix series A Killer Paradox is drawing a hot response both in Korea and overseas.

Director Lee Chang Hee, who captured the unique charm of the original webtoon and took a creative approach to adapting the webtoon into a live-action series, has completed a K-thriller on a different level. The series is getting amazing reviews everywhere for its quick cuts showing different characters’ views, gripping music that builds suspense, and the brilliant acting of Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk Ku and Lee Hee Joon who play characters walking a thin line between good and evil.

Overseas reactions are also hot. Forbes described the drama as a well-plotted mystery thriller full of twisty fun surprise.” They praised the series, stating, “The camera work and angsty sound effects heighten a sense of unease, yet, ultimately the compelling nature of this drama relies on the acting talents of Choi and Son.” South China Morning Post drew a unique comparison, describing the lead character Lee Tang as a “stylish private investigator hero,” stating, “Choi Woo Shik embraces his dark side in stylish vigilant thriller with a hokey twist. He becomes a K-drama mash-up of Batman and Dexter – a serial killer who kills serial killers.” Decider offered high praise, commenting that “while A Killer Paradox seems like a pretty straightforward show, it should have a lot of tense moments. Maybe there will also be some twists along the way.”

It also recorded a perfect 100% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviewer Butwhytho calls it “Darkly humorous, violent, and never boring, A Killer Paradox is a morality thriller like no other. What begins as a comedy of errors and morphs into a deep detective thriller, it’s one of the finest series on Netflix.”

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Source: Netflix

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