Korean Celebrities Fans Think Would Be The Best At Dating

korean celebrity couples dating
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: HyunA’s Instagram, Yonhap News, Joy’s Instagram, FNC Entertainment

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it would be sweet if we could go on the perfect date. It would be even sweeter if we could go on that perfect date with the idol of our dreams though, right?

Through scenes in K-Dramas, real Instagram posts, and news updates, fans have been able to peer into the lives of some idols who were spotted going on lavish dates over the years and more! One could easily believe that these idols know how to have a good time and treat their partner right, so, who could resist imagining a date with on of these Korean celebrities? Let’s check out some charming couples and single idols rumored to be dating masters and avoid Valentine’s Day disasters this year.

Red Velvet Joy and Crush
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: Joy’s Instagram

Can you imagine dating either Red Velvet’s Joy or Crush? The two have been in a relationship since August of 2021. Sadly, alleged rumors of the two breaking up have been running amok since Joy allegedly unfollowed Crush on Instagram. Still, the way their romance started is enough to make any fan wish it happened to them!

It all started when they made music together and can you imagine singing a lovely song in the karaoke room next to someone and falling in love with their voice? The charming couple shared many photos together on social media so if you go on a date with either one, be prepared to look your best at all times. The two often coordinated outfits and who wouldn’t want to try all the latest couple fashion trends in Korea. Out of all the Red Velvet members, Joy is also known for taking many selfies and being quite emotional but considerate. Crush is the shy type but quite a dreamboat because of his deep voice. He could whisper sweet nothings in your eye all night long. Both of them possess qualities that would make them fun to date.

Girl’s Day Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: Hyeri’s Instagram

The on-screen romance between Girl’s Day Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol became a reality in the end! Everyone has had a crush on their co-worker at some point, but could you imagine that person being an idol?

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Ryu Jun Yeol is quite a creature of habit, so expect to go on cozy dates around town. Ryu Jun Yeol was often spotted frequenting his favorite restaurants with Hyeri and many photos of them by the river or traveling around Seoul appeared online. Hyeri is quite the supportive type as she also attended shows and events wherever Ryu Jun Yeol was, despite her hectic schedule. Hyeri is also well-known for being a comedic relief and always making people smile with her infectious laughter! Whoever you choose, both Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol would make for a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

HyunA and Dawn
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: HyunA’s Instagram

Parents often say you should date your best friend – and that is exactly what HyunA and Dawn did. Despite the rumors and being forced out of their company, the two stood side by side and continued to date diligently. It shows that the two are quite the loyal pair. Although the two have broken up, with Dawn enlisted in the military and HyunA allegedly dating HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Jun Hyung as of late, these two are still a hot topic within the K-Pop dating scene.

If you’re looking for a moody and fun Valentine’s night, HyunA may be the best choice. She is a queen of charisma, sex appeal, and will definitely show up on a date donning a fitted red dress! Dawn is a very artistic and 4-dimensional character, so he may take you to an underground bar or enjoy a ritzy art cafe for a first date. They both share a common interest of wanting to date honest people, too. As long as you’re not worried about what other people say and you can faithfully be yourself, you may have a shot at dating one of these idols.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee 
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: RAIN Entertainment

Hey, even married couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day too! While it may be surprising to think of marriage on the first date, dating with marriage in mind is important. Rain and Kim Tae Hee have had a wonderful marriage despite being in the spotlight of the public eye.

Originally, Kim Tae Hee rejected Rain five times before saying “Yes.” It shows she is a woman with standards and she will be cautious and considerate of your words and actions. Kim Tae Hee is also a very active person, so she often goes mountain hiking and bike riding, making her the perfect date for any outdoorsy person.

Rain, the buff dance God sent from above, will woo you with his personality if his looks aren’t enough. Not only is he a very dedicated and driven person personally, but Rain is a very classic gentleman type. Rain has noonchi (can read the room well) and likes to spoil others. He is a real movie buff too, so a movie date (at home or at the theater) is never out of the question. He ideally loves someone who can be a puzzle piece to him and do things like cooking well. No wonder the two of them get along so well! Sigh~ but we can dream, right?

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Monsta X Hyungwon and ex-member Wonho 
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: Starship Entertainment ‘From Zero’ MV

Of course, these two weren’t dating each other but they are quite the popular choice among fans. Hyungwon is rumored to be a “long-term dater” (which is quite difficult in the idol industry). Although he has a quiet and calm personality, Hyungwon has been known to invite his girlfriend to concerts or other events, so if you’re looking for a ritzy night out, look no further. Still, Hyungwon is a homebody at heart and loves sleeping. A Valentine’s Day brunch may be the best option with this man.

With Wonho however, it is quite a different story. Wonho is a perfectly fine specimen that many fans would kill to be in a relationship with. What makes him the perfect date? Shockingly enough it is his simplicity. During countless interviews, Wonho has stated that he likes to take things easy and prefers anyone who can boil ramen perfectly to be his ideal type. Unless you’re going to the gym or he plans to run a marathon of love with you, most likely you’ll be enjoying a cozy night indoors with this hunk in the kitchen!

EXO Xiumin
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: Leo’s Instagram + SM Entertainment

How could we resist a BL moment? Not alluding or stating that Xiumin is gay (or that there is anything wrong with identifying as LGBTQIA+) but a lot of rumors began to spread because of a single photo on Xiumin’s Instagram. It seems like Xiumin is the type to show his love and affection publicly.

If you were to date him, be prepared to share all your dates and cute couple photos on Instagram and more. Xiumin definitely won’t be shy about expressing his feelings in the caption and saying “I love you” – after all, this exact photo and caption is what started the dating rumor to begin with! Aside from this, Xiumin loves to pull pranks and is considered the funniest member of all the EXO members. That bouquet of flowers may just squirt water at you! However, his key point is being a great cook! Xiumin loves eating Chinese cuisine, so a home-cooked meal and candle-lit dinner may be in your future if you date him.

Jung Hae In 
korean celebrity couples dating
Credit: FNC Entertainment

If you’re looking for a lavish date and socialite moment, Jung Hae In will absolutely deliver. During the reports of his rumored relationship with Black Pink’s Jisoo, Jung Hae In was spotted taking Jisoo to a DIOR Event as well as attending other A-list events- what girl wouldn’t want that on Valentine’s Day? Plus, who can forget their on-screen chemistry on countless occasions in ‘Snowdrop?’

However, reports haven’t been confirmed and it seems Jisoo is in a relationship with actor Ahn Bo Hyun according to recent news. Without knowing, it seems that Jung Hae In played the role of Cupid in setting these two newly alleged lovebirds together. In the end, Jung HaeIn seems to be a wizard of romance and could put you under his spell at any moment – as if his charming gaze isn’t magical enough already.

Perhaps there are more Korean celebrities who would make for awesome Valentine’s Day dates than expected, huh? Was there anyone you were expecting to see on the list? Who would be your ideal idol date? Share it with us in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our Instagram and Twitter page to see our daily voting polls, quizzes, and more.

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