Netflix Unveils Its 2024 Korean Film Slate: A Quartet of Must-Sees

netflix korean movie 2024

Netflix has rolled out its major lineup for 2024, and within it, four upcoming Korean films are poised to captivate audiences worldwide. 

My Name is Loh Kiwan
Credit: Netflix

Directed by: Kim Hee Jin
Written by: Kim Hee Jin
Adapted by: Kim Joon Hyuk
Cast: Song Joong Ki, Choi Sung Eun, etc
Based on: Cho Hae Jin’s “I Met Lik Kiwan”
Release Date: March 1st

Logline: My Name is Loh Kiwan follows North Korean defector Kiwan as he seeks refugee status in Belgium, crossing paths with Marie, who has lost all will to live. Song Joong Ki delivers a compelling portrayal of Kiwan, a man fraught with desperation in the unfamiliar settings of Belgium, clinging only to the aspiration of securing refugee status, while Choi Sung Eun plays Marie, a Belgian national with a past as a Korean shooting competitor.

Officer Black Belt
Credit: Netflix

Directed by: Jason Kim
Written by: Jason Kim
Cast: Kim Woo Bin, Kim Sun Kyun, etc.
Release Date: 3rd Quarter

Logline: This action-drama film narrates the story of Lee Jung Do, a martial arts prodigy, and his unexpected partnership with probation officer Kim Sun Min. Together, they tackle crime with Jung Do’s unparalleled skills in taekwondo, kumdo, and judo. Kim Woo Bin shines as the virtuous yet fun-loving Jung Do who always helps a person in need, while Kim Sung Kyun’s portrayal of Kim Sun Min spotlights the duo’s dynamic crime-fighting efforts.


The Great Flood
Credit: Netflix

Directed by: Kim Byung Woo
Written by: Kim Byung Woo, Han Ji Su
Cast: Kim Da Mi, Park Hae Soo, etc
Release Date: 4th Quarter

Logline: The Great Flood stars Kim Da Mi and Park Hae Soo in a sci-fi disaster narrative set on Earth’s final day. The plot centers on a race against time to save a child from a flooded apartment amidst a catastrophic deluge. Kim Da Mi takes on the role of Anna, an AI researcher fighting for survival amidst a tidal surge, while Park Hae Soo plays Hee Jo, a security team member determined to save her from the impending apocalypse.

Credit: Netflix

Directed by: Kim Sang Man
Written by: Shin Chul, Park Chan Wook
Cast: Kang Dong Won, Park Jung Min, Cha Seun Won, Kim Shin Rock, Jin Sun Kyu, etc
Release Date: 4th Quarter

Logline: Set in the Joseon era’s post-war turmoil, the film explores the complex relationship between two childhood friends turned adversaries. Kang Dong Won embodies Cheon Yeong, a slave with unmatched martial skills aiming to escape his unjustly ascribed status as a servant, while Park Jung Min portrays Cheon Yeong’s master Jong Ryeo, a military scion who later joins the royal army, rising to the closest position to King Seonjo.

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Source: Netflix

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