Netflix Confirms Park Chan Wook’s ‘War and Revolt’ Featuring Kang Dong Won, Jung Sung Il and More

park chan wook netflix
park chan wook netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has officially confirmed the production of War and Revolt, an eagerly awaited film by acclaimed director Park Chan Wook. The star-studded cast includes Kang Dong Won, Park Jung Min, Cha Seung Won, Jin Seon Kyu, Kim Shin Rok, and Jung Sung Il.


War and Revolt is a film set in the turbulent era of the Japanese invasion, depicting the story of Jong Ryeo (played by Park Jung Min), the son of the most prestigious military family in Joseon, and his loyal servant Cheon Young (portrayed by Kang Dong Won), as they reunite as enemies serving King Seonjo (Cha Seung Won) as his trusted guard and a rebel soldier.

Kang Dong Won plays the enigmatic character Cheon Young, whose exceptional martial skills are at odds with his humble background as a slave. He faces a challenging journey to liberate himself from the shackles of slavery.

Park Jung Min portrays the character of Jong Ryeo, born into the prestigious military lineage of Joseon and appointed as King Seonjo’s personal guard following his successful completion of the military service examination. Jong Ryeo defies societal norms by forming a friendship with a slave, but finds himself torn between loyalty to his friend and the obligations of his duty.

Cha Seung Won joins as King Seonjo, who abandons his people during the Japanese invasion of Korea and pursues the sole goal of reclaiming his royal authority after the war.

Kim Shin Rok takes on the role of Beomdong, a resolute member of the civilian militia and Jin Seon Kyu portrays Kim Ja Ryeong, the civilian militia leader coming from a noble background. Lastly, Jung Sung Il takes on the role of the cruel Japanese warlord Genshin who recognizes Cheon Young’s outstanding swordsmanship.

War and Revolt marks the first Korean film to showcase the collaboration between Netflix and director Park Chan Wook. Director Park takes on the role of both producer and co-writer alongside Shin Chul, while the esteemed Kim Sang Man, known for directing Midnight FM, helms the project.

Source: Netflix

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