Hyun Bin’s Charming Evolution Post-Marriage with Son Ye Jin Revealed

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On February 2nd, tvN’s Free Doctor highlighted the unexpected charms of Hyun Bin following his marriage to Son Ye Jin. The couple, who confirmed their relationship after swirling dating rumors after their collaboration in Crash Landing on You, tied the knot in March 2022 and welcomed their son in November of the same year.

One of the couple’s shared hobbies, golf, has played a significant role in nurturing their relationship, continuing even after their marriage. Recently, a photo of Son Ye Jin posing at a golf course went viral, especially after fans zoomed in on her sunglasses to find Hyun Bin striking a humorous pose to capture the perfect shot for his wife. This reveal of Hyun Bin’s lighter side, contrasting his typically charismatic on-screen persona, has charmed fans and the public alike.

Post-marriage, Hyun Bin is said to have undergone a noticeable transformation. One reporter began, “There’s a saying that marriage changes a person,” adding, “Hyun Bin was known to be cautious, quiet, and less communicative.” Mentioning the actor’s involvement in Confidential Assignment 2 post-marriage, he went on, “Yoo Jae Jin found it amazing (how much Hyun Bin changed).” The reporter continued, “In ‘Confidential Assignment 1,’ Hyun Bin rarely attended gatherings and would leave early if he did. But after marriage, he became warmer towards people, more communicative, and even inquired about gatherings himself.”

Another journalist commented on Hyun Bin’s known preference for staying home, which seemed to have shifted with Son Ye Jin, stating, “According to close sources, Son Ye Jin has a firm hold on him,” pointing out the couple’s diverse dating activities beyond Hyun Bin’s comfort zone.

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  • Some lines here are not the best way to say them. Like this one- “Another journalist commented on Hyun Bin’s known preference for staying home, which seemed to have shifted post marriage”. Yejin’s antis might say that Hyunbin doesnt want to always stay at home because he doesnt want to be with Yejin. Please rephrase this article to be more favorable for the couple.

    • I understood it as he used to like staying home but after marriage he is now willing to go out and be seen, like going to Japan lately. There were sightings also of their eating out locally. There are pictures of these events.

    • I thought the same thing. It sounds as if Hyunbin does not want to stay home after marriage, but wants to go out instead.

    • I would take it Hyun Bin wants to go out more with SON YE JIN AND HAS LOOSENED UP AND HAS REAL LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN HIS LIFE

  • I find it surprising that the couple didn’t take many photos after their honeymoon, even during her pregnancy, even though she had put on a lot of weight, she could have shown her joy at expecting a child from hyun Bin, as all happy pregnant women do. On the other hand, photos of the couple in Japan dating from April 2023 and January 2024, and moreover the photo where it seems that appear in the reflection of Son Ye Jin’s glasses on the golf course, the silhouette of Hyun Bin, ( whaouuuu they are strong fans, ). All this to say that both journalists and fans are giving false information about the couple’s life, not to mention the photos, which are doctored by the retouching software they have on their computers and smartphones and iPhones. If you’re a sensible, intelligent person, it’s up to you to judge where the truth lies.

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