8 Korean Celebrities Who Have Been Cheated on and Accused of Cheating

Credit: SBS

Lee Jung Jin, a well-known Korean actor, recently shared on SBS’s variety show Dolsing Fourmen that he was once cheated on by his ex-girlfriend. He had been dating the woman for a few months when he discovered she was also seeing another man, a celebrity, after witnessing an expensive car pull up to her house. Although devastated by the betrayal, Lee Jung Jin revealed he has moved on.

He joins other Korean stars like Choi Jin Hyuk, VIXX’s Ken, Brian and Jeon Ji Yoon who have spoken publicly about their experiences with infidelity in dating relationships.

Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk shared a personal experience that left him emotionally wounded on last year’s October 22nd episode of SBS’s variety show My Little Old Boy.

The star revealed, for the first time publicly, that a woman he envisioned marrying had betrayed him. He explained that she was already in a relationship when she was dating him, and he was the “other guy.” The discovery shattered his trust and inflicted deep emotional pain. When asked if he attempted to get back with her, he simply stated, “It broke my heart. I just couldn’t stop crying.”

VIXX’s Ken

Ken, a member of the boy group VIXX, opened up about a past heartbreak while choosing his karaoke song on channel ENA’s music show.

“A girl asked me out in middle school, and said she liked how I sang ‘Jasmine.’ But she cheated on me not long after.” Ken confessed that he had never met anyone who told him they liked him singing the song “Jasmine” since his breakup with her.


Brian, who has been receiving a lot of love for his YouTube show “Clean Freak Brian” (literal translation), also confessed to a story about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him.

The singer appeared on SBS Plus’ The Love Master in 2021 and said, “It happened when I was 20 years old. My ex-girlfriend cheated on me.” He said, “A member of her band told me that she seemed to be seeing another man. She, my ex-girlfriend, lied at first, but I got a text message a week later. The male idol singer who had been seeing her apologized to me. And my ex-girlfriend also apologized.”

4 Minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon
Credit: MBC

Former 4 Minute member Jeon Ji Yoon appeared on MBC’s variety show Video Star in 2019 and talked about why she decided to never date a celebrity again.

She said, “I was hurt badly by a celebrity boyfriend I dated when I first debuted with T-ara. He was the one who confessed to me first, so we started dating, but I found out later that he was a famous cheater. I didn’t know about it at all.” She continued, “He was seeing multiple women at once. I knew about three of them. He was dating so many people that I couldn’t help but know that he was cheating.”

Credit: YTN

While some celebrities have been hurt by infidelity, others have been unfaithful in their relationships.

Former BIGBANG member Seungri made headlines last year for seeing two different women during his Bali vacation. He fine-tuned his schedule so that their stays wouldn’t overlap, but his actions were soon discovered by both women, who were unaware of each other. “I feel sick,” one woman messaged the other, as they exchanged pictures of the singer and the identical hotel they had stayed at in Bali.

>> Seungri Caught Seeing Two Different Women During Bali Vacation

Seungri is not alone. Several other Korean celebrities have been accused of and admitted to cheating.

Kang Kyung Joon
Credit: Kang Kyung Joon’s Instagram

Kang Kyung Joon has been sued for 50 million won (approximately $38,131) in damages on December 26 for allegedly having an affair with a married woman. According to the lawsuit, Kang Kyung Joon and the woman worked together in the same building and on the same floor at a real estate brokerage firm. The woman’s husband alleges that he had an affair with her knowing that she was a married woman.

Kang Kyung Joon tied the knot with Jang Shin Young in 2018, and they have two sons. Meanwhile, netizens who came across this news are both criticizing the actor and voicing concerns about the media report, as the case bears chilling similarities to the late actor Lee Sun Kyun’s case.

Nam Tae Hyun
Credit: Newsis, Nam Tae Hyun’s Instagram

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun, currently on probation for methamphetamine use, made headlines a while ago for cheating on his then-girlfriend Jang Jae In. The two met on a tvN variety show in April 2019 and began dating.

However, two months later confirming their relationship, Jang Jae In exposed Nam Tae Hyun’s cheating. At the time, Jang Jae In released evidence in the form of messages exchanged between Nam Tae Hyun and a woman named A. Jang Jae In stated, “Nam Tae Hyun lied to Woman A that he had broken up with me. Believing his words, she started dating him. It’s not right to lie and play with people’s feelings. I’m revealing this fact to prevent more victims from being created.” Nam Tae Hyun apologized, saying, “I will take responsibility for the damage caused.”

NCT Lucas
Credit: SM Entertainment

Lucas found himself in hot water in 2021 after being exposed for his personal life by a netizen named A. Netizen A claimed that Lucas gaslighted her, demanding that she pay for hotel expenses and run errands for him even after they had broken up. Another Chinese woman, B, also came forward to accuse Lucas of cheating on her with a Korean fan, demanding expensive gifts and gossiping about his bandmates.

The controversy quickly spread, leading to Lucas’s departure from NCT and WayV.

Kim Min Gwi
Credit: Big Picture Entertainment

Nevertheless star Kim Min Gwi issued an apology for his “two-timing” controversy in 2021. A woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend took to an online community to accuse him of seeing multiple women during their relationship.

In response, Kim Min Gwi’s agency stated, “Regarding the controversy surrounding his personal life, he acknowledges his wrongdoing. He sincerely apologizes and deeply reflects on his immature actions that have hurt others. He also apologizes for causing this controversy.”

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