Park Seo Joon Insights on ‘Gyeongseong Creature’: From Working with Han So Hee to Historical Context

park seo joon han so hee
park seo joon han so hee
Credit: Netflix

On the afternoon of the 11th, an interview with Park Seo Joon, star of the Netflix original series Gyeongseong Creature, was conducted. Since its release last month, Gyeongseong Creature quickly became a global phenomenon, ranking in the top 10 on Netflix in 44 countries within a day, and 83 countries within a week.

In the series, Park Seo Joon has garnered attention for his dynamic action and romantic performances alongside co-star Han So Hee. Speaking about their on-screen chemistry, Park shared, “She really came prepared, and that made me want to work even harder. Shooting action scenes takes a lot of time. As we progress, it becomes a battle of stamina. I tried to keep the energy up on set with jokes and being supportive.”

This project marked the first acting collaboration between Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee. Recalling his first impression, Park Seo Joon shared, “When I first saw Han So Hee on the monitor, I could feel the depth in her acting. It felt like the situation explained itself without words. I knew this would be an interesting project.”

park seo joon han so hee
Credit: Netflix

Previously, director Jeong Dong Yoon and writer Kang Eun Kyung shared the initial concerns they had about casting actors for Gyeongseong Creature, given its historical setting during the Japanese occupation.

Addressing this, Park Seo Joon revealed his desire to be part of a project representing that era. “It’s been over ten years in my career, and I wanted to experience a work depicting that time. Everything needs to align for a project—not just my schedule, but also the co-stars’, the shared vision, and of course, the availability of the work.”

When asked about the pressure of being a part of the series with his popularity in Japan, the actor responded, “I just visited Japan on January 2nd for an event I already had scheduled. I have friends there, and they said they don’t really understand the negative sentiments about this topic.” He added, “Maybe because they’re my friends, but they had a positive view and shared that it made them think more deeply.”

Meanwhile, Gyeongseong Creature tells the story of two young people in the spring of 1945, standing against a monster born out of greed. The first and second parts of Season 1 were released on the 22nd of last month and the 5th of this month, respectively. Season 2 is slated for release later this year.

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