Son Jung Hyuk Share Closing Remarks After Finale Of ‘Soundtrack #2’

Son Jung Hyuk Soundtrack 2
Son Jung Hyuk Soundtrack 2
Credit: MSteam Entertainment

Son Jung Hyuk has shared his thoughts on the conclusion of Disney Plus original series Soundtrack #2.

Debuting as Demian in 2020 with the single “Cassette,” Son Jung Hyuk has showcased his talents in various projects, including the 2021 JTBC music show Superband 2 and the 2022 Wavve dating reality show, Love Alarm.

Reflecting on his role as K, a young musician working on a music project with his piano tutor Hyun Seo (played by Geum Sae Rok) and her former lover Suho (No Sang Hyun), he shared his experience of making his acting debut in this romantic drama series.

How does it feel to make your acting debut?

Last night, I watched the final episode with the entire cast and crew. It felt gratifying. It’s like receiving a well-packed gift package. The attention from those around me is now even greater than what I received for my music.

Any fun stories from the audition process?

I auditioned just a month after signing with MSteam Entertainment. Being my first go at auditions, a lot of people were keeping a close eye on me, kind of anxious in case things didn’t pan out. So, when I actually landed the role, everyone was pretty surprised. I was both happy and amazed.

What are your favorite scenes from Soundtrack#2?

In the third part, K, Suho and Hyun Seo move in together. There’s this moment where K’s changing a lightbulb. Suho shoots him this disapproving look, but K just keeps on changing it like it’s no big deal. Hyun Seo steps in to help, handing K some gloves, but reaches for Suho’s hand in the end. It’s a scene that really captures the essence of the drama.

Son Jung Hyuk Soundtrack 2
Credit: MSteam Entertainment

What was the most challenging scene for you?

It was the confession scene. Nailing that scene without it getting all awkward was a real challenge. I thought Hyun Seo might have a little something for K, like maybe 75% of her heart leaning towards Suho, the rest toward K. But nope, she shut him down like it hadn’t meant anything to her. Playing the scene made me feel somewhat lonely.

How was the on-set chemistry with Geum Sae Rok and No Sang Hyun?

It felt like they were my personal mental care team, especially since I’m a newbie actor. I discovered later that it was their first time in leading roles for a romantic drama, but they still treated me with so much consideration. Sang Hyun cheered me on to be myself and enjoy the acting process, while Sae Rok was like a supportive mom, offering help exactly when and where I needed it. I’m truly thankful for everyone’s kindness.

Any memorable reactions to the series?

Right after the drama aired, I joined a Naver open chat to see the overall reaction. I was a bit worried about negative comments, but I was satisfied to see that people enjoyed it. The most heartening response, though, came from my mother. My music usually isn’t her cup of tea, but it seems like she genuinely enjoyed this project, and that just filled me with gratitude.

What kind of actor do you aspire to become in the future?

I’m consistently practicing things that would help in acting. I engage in acting training, and since my body tends to be stiff, I’m practicing using it well through modern dance. I want to be an actor who continues to make efforts and grows steadily.

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