Late Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Blackmailer Also Targeted His Wife Jeon Hye Jin

jeon hye jin and lee sun kyun
jeon hye jin and lee sun kyun
Credit: Lotte Entertainment, iMBC

A woman, identified only as A (28), is facing charges for extorting 50 million won (approx. 41,000 USD) from actor Lee Sun Kyun. Recent developments reveal she also attempted to threaten his wife, actress Jeon Hye Jin.

On the 2nd, popular YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, known for spilling the secrets of the entertainment industry, dropped a new video covering the case of the late actor Lee Sun Kyun.

The video displayed messages exchanged between A and the female nightclub manager B (29), on October 4th last year. In the revealed messages, A told B, “If you don’t bring 200 million won (approx. 165,000 USD) by dawn today, I’ll contact Lee Sun Kyun’s wife.” Lee Jin Ho commented, “She clearly stated her intention to go beyond Lee Sun Kyun and contact his wife.”

The video also exposed messages A sent while threatening Lee Sun Kyun. They included, “I’ve wasted too much time because of B. I will get her arrested, and I want that money. Get all the money you gave B,” and “If you share this message with B and cause me trouble, I’ll release the original recording I found on her phone.”

jeon hye jin and lee sun kyun
Credit: Yonhap News

A notably stated, “I already got Jeon Hye Jin’s number through my week-long obsession,” indicating her intention to threaten Lee’s wife. She added, “I hope you don’t lose your reputation because of a nightclub madam. Let’s settle this with 200 million won.”

A and B reportedly became acquainted in prison. A, previously convicted of fraud, referred to B, a six-time drug offender, as her sister. After their release, A even moved her residence to the apartment above B’s. When their relationship soured, A reported B to the police for drug offenses.

Initially not knowing Lee Sun Kyun, A obtained his contact information and proposed, “I will get B arrested for drug use and retrieve all 300 million won (approx. 248,000 USD) you gave her. In return, give me 200 million won.” Lee, fearing repercussions, allegedly handed over 50 million won to A. Previously, in September last year, Lee had already paid 300 million won to B to prevent exposure of their affair.

Lee Sun Kyun was summoned three times for police investigations regarding drug charges. Proclaiming his innocence, he tragically took his own life on December 27th last year. Although Lee has passed away, the police plan to continue their investigation into A’s charges of extortion and attempted extortion.

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  • There is more to A and B that meets the eye …. they both needed to be counted for their dealings with Mr Lee’s Death.

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