Rowoon Faces Criticism for Hosting and Award Win at the 2023 KBS Drama Awards

rowoon kbs drama awards
rowoon kbs drama awards
Credit: iMBC

Rowoon has been at the center of numerous controversies since the start of the new year. Despite his role as an MC and triple award-winner at the 2023 KBS Drama Awards, he has faced criticism for his performance and lingering questions about his qualifications.

On December 31st last year, Rowoon co-hosted the 2023 KBS Drama Awards alongside broadcaster Jang Sung Kyu and actress Seol In Ah. Throughout the event, he appeared to read the teleprompter robotically, showing neither smiles nor reactions, leaving his co-host Jang Sung Kyu visibly perplexed, even pointing out, “We need some spirit here.”

Rowoon, unlike the other two MCs who presented naturally having memorized the script, kept his eyes fixed on the teleprompter. Despite having hosted around ten shows since his debut, including a recent fixed position on a surviving show, Rowoon’s skill and effort were hard to find.

Moreover, Rowoon won the Best Excellence Award for The Matchmakers, beating Jang Dong Yoon (Excellence Award) from Oasis. Oasis had recorded the highest viewership rate of 9.7% among the KBS mini-series. Despite The Matchmakers receiving comparatively lower ratings and less attention, Rowoon’s award win ignited controversy, with critics arguing that it overlooked Jang Dong Yoon’s performance in Oasis.

rowoon kbs drama awards
Credit: Stardailynews

Adding to the issue was Rowoon’s acceptance speech. He said, “As someone who loves acting and wants to do well, I will continue to put in consistent effort,” and then added, “Please watch me with a ‘forgiving eye.'” The term he used here (translated as ‘forgiving eye’) typically suggests turning a blind eye or overlooking flaws despite being aware of them. While only Rowoon knows the true meaning behind his words, it can be interpreted as asking for leniency regarding the critiques of his acting skills.

People have left comets like “: “I don’t know about other things, but the MCing wasn’t professional,” “Saying forgiving eye in his acceptance speech…?” “I’m sure he just said the wrong word,” “It’s about time we talk about his controversies,” and “Stop singling Rowoon out of everything.”

Rowoon’s actions have seemingly diminished the image built up through his work with SF9 and various acting projects.

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