Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ With Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Bin

tell me you love me kdrama
Credit: Genie TV

Genie TV has offered a glimpse into the sweet chemistry between Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Bin from Tell Me You Love Me.

The romantic Genie TV series has resonated with viewers as Cha Jin Woo (played by Jung Woo Sung) and Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Bin) exchange subtle emotions through their gazes and facial expressions.

The behind-the-scenes shots wonderfully bring back the emotions and excitement from the drama series. First, the beach scene captures the two confirming their feelings through a heartfelt kiss. Cha Jin Woo boldly says, “Let’s make good memories together,” leaving his worries and hesitations behind. The scene where he transitions from hesitating about a new love to wholeheartedly embracing it left a lasting impression on many of us.

Credit: Genie TV

As a couple, Cha Jin Woo and Jung Mo Eun find comfort and happiness in every moment together. Unreleased shots from the drama depict them naturally holding hands and sharing kisses, just like any other couple.

The two leads are then seen practicing a key scene where Jin Woo explains why he was hesitant to confess his feelings to Mo Eun. This moment becomes important in the story after Jin Woo sees himself in Hong Ki Hyun (Heo Jun Seok) and the tough reality he faces.

Credit: Genie TV

The production team shared, “Please watch until the end to see if they can maintain their true love amid countless challenges thrown at them by reality.”

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