Netflix’s ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Conquers Global Charts, Securing Top 3 in Non-English Segment

gyeongseong creature review
gyeongseong creature review
Credit: Netflix

Just three days after its release, Gyeongseong Creature Part 1 has climbed to the 3rd spot in Netflix’s Global TOP 10 for non-English shows, making it a sizzling end to 2023.

According to the Netflix TOP 10 website on December 27th, the series not only secured the 1st position domestically but also reached the 3rd place globally in the non-English category. It has also entered the TOP 10 lists across 20 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, India, and the Philippines, showcasing its international appeal.

The intense narrative of the youth’s struggle for survival and the high-quality production has garnered both domestic and international acclaim.

International media have praised the series, with comments such as “the intensity is relentless, the sense of menace verges on operatic and I’m keen to unravel the layers of mystery.” (The Guardian), “Gyeongseong Creature vaults to the top of the charts, offering an addictive mix of history, romance, mystery, science fiction and monsters.” (CNN), “Gyeongseong Creature‘s story may be set over 75 years ago, but it is also about the world we live in today.” (TIME), “The story, characters and immersive visuals draw us in, making each episode more gripping than the last.” (South China Morning Post), and “Gyeongseong Creature hooks viewers with its captivating opening theme, intriguing storyline, and stellar performances” (India Today).

Viewers, who were quick to binge-watch the series, expressed their admiration, commenting on the actors’ performances: “Spent the whole day binge-watching it with my family. It was a well-made drama overall,” “Park Seo Joon was the embodiment of Jang Tae Sang,” and “Han So Hee’s action scenes were impressive.”

Meanwhile, Part 2 is set for release on January 5th, 2024, exclusively on Netflix.

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Source: Netflix

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