Remembering Jonghyun: SHINee and Fans Pay Tribute to the Late Star

shinee jonghyun
shinee jonghyun
Credit: Minho Instagram

SHINee recently came together to remember their late member, Jonghyun.

Minho took to his Instagram on the 18th to share photos of Jonghyun, expressing his feelings with a heartfelt message. “Again, winter feels warm, thanks to you. I miss you even more this year,” he wrote, conveying his unwavering affection and longing for Jonghyun.

He continued, “I always miss you a lot, remember you a lot, and talk about you a lot! I just came back from visiting you and met your mother after a long time. Don’t worry, I comforted her. A lot of people really miss you a lot… Just wanted to say that. Hope you think of me sometimes too. See you again.”

SHINee’s official X account also posted a picture of Jonghyun with the message, “We always love you.” This tradition has been maintained by SM Entertainment and SHINee since Jonghyun’s passing in December 2017.

The commemoration of the 6th anniversary of Jonghyun’s passing brings together SHINee and their global fanbase in a poignant moment of reflection. Jonghyun, a beloved member of the iconic K-pop group, continues to be fondly remembered for his musical talents and the profound impact he left on Shawols (SHINee fans) worldwide.

Fans responded with touching comments, echoing the sentiments of loss and love. They left comments like, “I miss you,” “I hope you’re no longer in pain,” and “Jonghyun, I love you. I know you’ll keep me warm this winter too.”


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