‘Welcome to Samdalri’ Audience Reactions: ‘Already So Good’, ‘Getting Obsessed’

Welcome to Samdalri ep 4
Credit: JTBC

Welcome to Samdalri secured an impressive No.9 spot on FilxPatrol’s list of TOP TV Shows on Netflix on December 11th.

The show soared to the top spot in South Korea and claimed the second spot in multiple countries, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The series follows a photographer who returns to her hometown after suffering a fall from grace. There, she bumps into her childhood friend, and their fateful encounter rekindles an unfinished romance.

The show quickly grabbed people’s attention, scoring a solid average nationwide viewership rating of 6.5% in just four episodes.

Episode 4 turned up the romance between Sam Dal (played by Shin Hye Sun) and Yong Pil (Ji Chang Wook), creating cute and heart-fluttering moments whenever they bumped into each other.

Yong Pil’s accidental discovery of Sam Dal’s ex-boyfriend Cheon Chung Ki (played by Han Eun Seong) spiced up the story, triggering jealousy and frustration in Yongpil. However, his caring and protective gestures towards Samdal revealed a mix of friendship and budding love between them.

The playful seaweed fight, sparked by memories of a past breakup, added a charming touch to the romantic comedy and brought smiles to viewers. After engaging in the playful battle, Yong Pil said, “I’ll tell everyone that you broke up with me,” in a light-hearted joke. He also reassured her, saying he trusts that she did nothing wrong in the City, referring to the power harassment accusation that led her to return to her secluded hometown.

The episode concluded with a flashback to young Yong Pil when he first realized his feelings for Sam Dal. His heartfelt confession and the joy they shared left viewers with warm and delightful feelings.

Below are the reactions from viewers who are enjoying this captivating show.

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