‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episode 6 Recap: Bae In Hyuk’s Jealousy Goes Off the Charts

the story of park's marriage contract episode 6 recap
the story of park's marriage contract episode 6 recap
Credit: MBC

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract has achieved the highest ratings of its entire run.

The 6th episode aired on December 9th recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 9.6%, according to Nielsen Korea.

In the episode, Park Yeon Woo (played by Lee Se Young) joined Kang Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk) in a new design project as a special designer assistant.

Mi Dam (Kim Yeo Jin) agreed to collaborate with Kang Tae Ha on the condition of working together with Park Yeon Woo after seeing her embroidery. Mi Dam revealed her interest in Yeon Woo’s work, as the embroidery she made was the same as her family’s.

As Park Yeon Woo started working, Tae Ha began to feel jealous as Yeon Woo grew close to other men like Do Yoon Jae (Park Yeon Woo) and Kang Tae Min (Yoo Seon Ho).

He even got nearly caught watching her chatting with another man and organized a team dinner to move smoothly from that situation. However, when drunk Yeon Woo approached Yoon Jae, he forcibly stopped the team dinner, saying, “Enough!”

Secretary Hong Sung Pyo (Jo Bok Rae) advised Tae Ha that living together could improve their relationship, but he denied his feelings, calling it absurd.

Tae Ha suspected that the car accident he suffered was caused by Min Hy Sook (Jin Kyung) and expressed concern that Park Yeon Woo might be in danger. At the 1st-anniversary event briefing, he publicly revealed that Park Yeon Woo is his wife. Here, she realizes that Kang Tae Ha shares a similar fate to himself back in the Joseon dynasty.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract airs on MBC every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.

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