Park Eun Bin Talks About Challenges Filming ‘Castaway Diva’ and Possibility of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2’

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Park Eun Bin has received immense love for her transformation from a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder to a diva with a powerful voice.

In Castaway Diva, she plays Seo Mok Ha, a girl with exceptional singing talent, even singing in place of the top singer-songwriter Yoon Ran Ju (Kim Hyo Jin). Park Eun Bin had to showcase her own impressive singing skills. She underwent 43 singing lessons and her efforts paid off brilliantly. The actress garnered attention with her rendition of “Someday,” seamlessly hitting high notes.

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Park Eun Bin shared her experience. “The real challenge happened in the recording studio. I spent intense time there,” she recalled. “Surprisingly, hitting high notes was not as difficult as I thought. I could reach up to C4.” She went on, “Although I’ve always loved singing, I didn’t have the foundation to build my skills. It wasn’t just about singing well, I had to match Ran Ju’s voice and needed the singing prowess that could make the story believable. There were moments of frustration, but I wanted to show sincerity.”

Following the success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin achieved another hit with Castaway Diva. “During the Extraordinary Attorney Woo craze, I was filming Castaway Diva. I wasn’t fully aware of the popularity. All that fame seemed distant. However, after winning the Baeksang Arts Award this year, I realized how the world sees me has changed,” she remarked.

Both roles were challenging for her. “The most recent project always feels the hardest. I felt a limit during Extraordinary Attorney Woo, but Castaway Diva was even more challenging. It wasn’t easy. But fortunately, I learned quickly and took responsibility for my choices, giving my best,” she stated bravely.

Moreover, she candidly opened up, “I never want to be known as an ‘icon of challenge.’ I don’t want to be an actor who tires the audience, nor do I want to show off overcoming difficulties. This time, thankfully, people recognized my efforts, but it’s not always necessary.”

The actress also briefly mentioned Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2, revealing, “I found out about the possibility through articles. I haven’t received any offers yet.”

Park Eun Bin concluded, “2023 was a fulfilling year. I received meaningful awards as an actress, and I feel like I achieved my goal with Mok Ha. It was a satisfying year for me. In 2024, I plan to give a fan concert as a gift, presenting the songs from Castaway Diva. I’m preparing hard to wrap up the concert early next year and greet fans with a new project.”

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