Curated Playlist: 5 Best Winter K-pop Songs That Will Keep You Warm and Cozy

Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Eungee Joh

There’s something magical about the winter frost as it brings an enchanting touch to the air, casting a spell that echoes the intricate nature of love. With December around the corner, offering snowy landscapes and cozy moments, it’s the ideal time for a musical exploration of your emotions. Check out our curated K-Pop soundtrack designed to lift your spirits and wrap you in a cozy embrace this winter—perfect for those who approach love with a hint of hesitation.

“Snow Flower” by V

Start your winter music journey with this beautiful song by V from BTS and Peakboy. The soothing lyrics and beautiful sound create peaceful harmonies, capturing the essence of love, much like the delicate fall of fragile snowflakes.

“Perhaps I” & “Malinger” by blah

Whether you’re starting a new love story, feeling unsure about love or daring to love despite fear, the new album hi and bye offers comfort and strength. In the songs “Perhaps I” and “Malinger,” blah’s unique voice expresses a range of feelings: shyness, fear, anticipation, worry, happiness, and nervousness that make the emotions of love even more beautiful and precious.

“Winter” by Se So Neon

Se So Neon’s “Winter” delicately navigates the uncertainties of love through reflective lyrics and dreamy indie rock sound. The song’s heartfelt tunes, genuine lyrics, and wintry imagery seamlessly blend into this playlist, creating a calming mood for those who approach love with caution.
“Winter Breath” by 10cm

With its soft melody, poignant lyrics, and wintry visuals, 10cm’s “Winter Breath” artfully captures the intricacies of love’s uncertainty. The song narrates a soothing and relatable tale, striking a balance between sweetness and sorrow, particularly connecting with those who carefully navigate matters of the heart. It makes for a heartfelt addition to any playlist for those delving into the complexities of love at their own pace.

Let this playlist guide you through the emotions of love as the winter winds sweep across the season. Each song is like a unique snowflake, offering a distinct perspective on the journey of a cautious heart. Allow your heart to melt and bloom in the enchanting embrace of the season, enjoying the winter charm and gentle warmth that these K-Pop tunes can bring you. Listen to the secrets of love whispered by winter with this playlist.

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