Netflix Series ‘Sweet Home 2’ Promises Intense Survival Tale with New Stills

sweet home season 2
sweet home season 2
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix series Sweet Home 2 will unveil its curtain on the 1st of next month. And today, the streaming giant related the intense character posters and stills, heightening expectations.

Sweet Home 2 portrays the story of survivors fighting for their lives in a new setting after leaving Green Home. This latest installment also introduces new characters and mysterious phenomena, and the released posters poignantly capture the struggles of nine survivors, navigating through the turmoil of a city plunged into chaos. Central to this narrative is Hyun Soo (Song Kang), who finds himself torn between his humanity and a monstrous transformation.

sweet home season 2
Credit: Netflix

In the stills, the intense standoff with monsters can be seen. Hyun Soo heads to the Bamseom Special Disaster Base to resolve the situation, even risking becoming a test subject. Pyeon Sang Wook (Lee Jin Wook) gets his body taken over by Wooi Myung, who believes that becoming a monster is humanity’s hope. Seo Yi Kyung (Lee Si Young), chases clues about her husband Sang Won until the end, eventually giving birth alone.

Lee Eun Yoo (Go Min Si) sets out to find her brother Eun Hyuk. New characters stand out: Jinyoung as Private Park Chan Young; Yoo Oh Sung as First Sergeant Tack In Hwan; Oh Jung Se as Dr. Lim; Kim Mu Yeol as Sergeant Kim Young Hoo; and the mysterious child played by Kim Sia.

sweet home season 2
Credit: Netflix

Song Kang shared, “In Season 2, I pondered a lot on how to mature the character Cha Hyun Soo.” Lee Jin Wook revealed, “I had to play a character almost devoid of humanity, the complete opposite of Sang Wook.” Despite being the same in appearance, he’ll play a character entirely different.

Lee Si Young explained her character, “She goes from being alone to a mother, engulfed in the whirlwind of life’s joys and sorrows.” Go Min Si described her role as “much colder yet warmer, enduring struggles for those she didn’t want to lose.”

Director Lee Eung Bok spoke about the new characters. He dished, “Jinyoung’s upright image fits Chan Young perfectly. Yoo Oh Sung can express both good and evil. Kim Mu Yeol has the gentle leadership to rival First Sergeant Tack’s charisma.” He added, “Oh Jung Se has the delightful madness of a crazy scientist and a Joker-like smile,” and “Kim Sia has a mysterious aura,” explaining his casting choices.

Meanwhile, Sweet Home 2 will be available only on Netflix on December 1st.

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Source: Netflix

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