Yeon Woo Jin Praises His Co-Star Park Bo Young as an Angel in Netflix’s ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

yeon woo jin daily dose of sunshine
yeon woo jin daily dose of sunshine
Credit: Netflix

In an interview with SPOTVNEWS on the morning of the 9th, Yeon Woo Jin shared various stories about the recently released Netflix series Daily Dose of Sunshine. The actor left a memorable compliment for his co-star Park Bo Young, saying, “I met her for the first time, but I thought to myself, ‘So, angels do exist.'”

Talking about how Park Bo Young pulled off a tough role, Yeon Woo Jin revealed, “One time, I tried to talk to her, wanting to become closer, but she was sitting in the hallway, exhausted. I couldn’t approach her. Dong Go Yoon would’ve walked up to her, but he knows how to wait like an adult. So I just watched her, too.”

But despite her tough times, Park still managed to show her warmth and thoughtfulness. “During the filming, we went through various holidays like Christmas. Even when having a challenging time, she dressed up as Santa to give out gifts, and during Chuseok, she even brought food to the set,” he shared. “Even amidst her busy schedule, she took care of the people around her. I really thought she was someone with a warm heart, like an angel. She is a remarkable person.”

Although Park Bo Young is younger than Yeon Woo Jin, she has a longer acting career. Nevertheless, she referred to Yeon Woo Jin as her “senior,” which he found amusing. “I told her she could drop the honorifics several times, but she kept using them. I don’t know if that’s for her character’s sake or if she’s really that awkward around me. Even now, when we meet, she awkwardly calls me ‘senior’ and uses mixed honorifics,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Daily Dose of Sunshine follows the story of nurse Da Eun, who starts working in a psychiatric department and meets various people with heart-wrenching stories within the ward.

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