‘Doona!’ Director Explains Ambiguous Ending to Netflix Series

doona ending explained
doona ending explained
Credit: Netflix

Doona! has landed at No. 7 on a global popularity chart for Non-English TV series available on the streaming Netflix.

>> ‘Doona!’ Breathes New Life into Young Love with Suzy and Yang Se Jong

doona ending explained
Credit: Netflix

Celebrating the feat, director Lee Jung Hyo, who made his comeback three years after Crash Landing on You, shared his feelings about releasing the drama through Netflix. He stated, “Crash Landing on You is all about a love that conquers fear of death, while Doona! is a sweet tale of first love memories. It’s a drama where you can find as much enjoyment in the depth of emotions as in the narrative. It’s my first Netflix series, so I’m pretty anxious about how people will react. I hope many would add this one to their watchlist and give it a rewatch whenever they feel like it.”

doona ending explained
Credit: Netflix

Many viewers are curious about how the drama will end. As for its ending, the director explained, “I wanted to create a fantasy-like yet realistic romance between idol Doona (Suzy) and college student Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) through Doona!. Who knows how life will unfold, right? They might or might not cross paths again, but they’ll always remember each other. Their memories could turn into reality someday, or maybe not. That’s why I designed the opening of the show to feel like a memory. In the first episode of the series, she narrates, ‘You said…’ as if recalling the past. Towards the end of the ninth episode, the subway scene is not set in 2023 but in the future. I know there are many lingering questions. I didn’t want to give a clear answer as I wanted to cheer them on, who may be living their lives together or separately somewhere right now.”

Source: Netflix

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  • I can understand your feelings in how you wanted the audience to interpret your ending .. but .. as complicated as this series was .. the ups and downs .. the mind playing situations .. hurt and sincerity.. especially for them .. I’m a bit disappointed even if was looking back in one’s memories of what could of been and where they will be ..

  • The story is nice but the ending, i was thinking how did it happen??? I thought they reconcile… is there some cut scenes ? I felt disappointment

  • Open ended??? I enjoyed the series until the last episode. It was cruel to drag out that entire episode and the couple not get back together. 😡

  • I love both actors and I rooted for their characters to be together in the end. Knowing how idols’ lovelife is overruled by their agencies in real life I wasn’t hopeful for a happy ending for this one. I’m an optimistic person though so I want to believe that they made up in the end.

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