‘The Worst of Evil’ Teases Final Showdown Between Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Jun

the worst of evil finale
the worst of evil finale
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has unveiled new The Worst of Evil stills, hinting at a dramatic showdown among the four main characters.

>> ‘The Worst of Evil’ Sets the World Ablaze as Grand Finale Nears

The eighth and ninth episode of The Worst of Evil showed Eui Jeong (played by Lim Se Mi) being distressed to witness her husband, Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook), gradually turning into a morally corrupt and evil man. At the same time, the drug ring that operates across three countries entered a new and crucial phase due to a secret scheme devised by Gi Chul (Wi Ha Jun).

the worst of evil finale
Credit: Disney Plus

The final three episodes are set to reveal the fate of the four characters and the drug cartel they are linked to. Curiosity is mounting as Joon Mo throws himself into arresting Gi Chul after joining the undercover mission, causing the ring to grow suspicious of him. Viewers are also left wondering about Gi Chul, who is torn between wanting to believe in the truth of the situation he’s facing.

Moreover, viewers can anticipate the unfolding story of Eui Jeong and Hae Ryun. Eui Jeong’s heart becomes a battleground of emotions, torn between her ex-boyfriend Gi Chul and her current husband Joon Mo, while Hae Ryun’s unexpected feelings for Joon Mo add a captivating twist to the narrative.

The Worst of Evil will drop its final three episodes on October 25th.

Source: Disney Plus

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